Cinematheque hosts screening and live performance for a local band’s final album release

By: Keeley Braunstein-Black

On Oct. 17, Winnipeg band Yes We Mystic had their final album release party at Cinematheque. Unable to perform a final show, they created a phone line and had a film screening to engage with their audience.

Their phone line, the Trust Fall Hotline, was part of a campaign that led up to their final album release, Trust Fall, on Oct. 21. The phone call sounds like a call centre until Yes We Mystic’s new album begins to play.

The film screening at Cinematheque showcased Yes We Mystic music videos, their feature film, Showroom, and a performance from Winnipeg band Virgo Rising.

“We chose to make this short concert film because it allowed us to have that experience of coming together and rehearsing and performing,” said Adam Fuhr, singer/songwriter of Yes We Mystic.

Fuhr said they were unable to perform a concert because of the inability to coordinate their schedules. They switch between instruments and it often takes five or six months of practice to put together a show, Fuhr said.

“There is a part of the show that is just muscle memory dance,” said Fuhr. “My bandmate Jodi, she’ll be playing the cello and have to switch to the keyboard within one beat.”

Adam Fuhr, singer/songwritter of Yes We Mystic, introducing Virgo Rising at Cinematheque theatre on Oct. 17, 2022. (Keeley Braunstein-Black)

Trust Fall Hotline posters are hanging up across the street from Red River College Polytechnic’s Exchange District Campus. Tyson Pollard, a nursing student at RRC Polytech, said he didn’t notice them. 

“I heard about this from my friend,” said Pollard. “I used to be one of their fans back in high school, [and] I went to one of their shows at the Park Theatre.”

Fuhr said the Trust Fall Hotline has been sucessful in Winnipeg, Toronto, Texas, and Germany.

“We’ve been closing in on 1000 calls,” said Fuhr.

The Trust Fall Hotline is still active, and you can give it a call at 1 (877) 347-5231.