$100 prize up for grabs to students who guess CFL game winners correctly

By: Taylor St. Germain

Every Monday, some staff and students submit their guesses as to who they think will win the CFL games of the week in a college-organized activity called CFL Weekly Winning Teams Picks. 

Contestants submit their guesses directly to the recreation and wellness coordinator, Kristi Dorian at Red River College Polytechnic.

“It’s a points-based system. Every correct guess earns a point, and once the contest is over there is a tally to find out who had the most points and wins,” said Dorian. “The winner receives $100 worth of sports prizes.”

The contest is held online for individuals and runs until Nov. 20, 2022. 

“Sports are known to bring large groups of diverse people together in unity. This activity shares this same goal,” said Dorian.

Dorian feels this contest is something people have been responding well to and wants to continue moving forward with new programs.

She encourages people who feel they have a good idea for a new contest or activity to send her an email. 

“I’m always open to hearing new ideas,” said Dorian. 

To gather participants together, Dorian said she’s planning an in-person event so people who share interest in the CFL can meet and spend time talking about the sport they love.

A student looks over CFL statistics to see previous winning games. Red River College Polytechnic holds a weekly contest for students and staff to predict scores and win prizes. (Taylor St.Germain)

Olumide Adegoke, an international student at RRC Polytech studying Business Management has never tried submitting to the contest but said it sounds like a great idea to him.  

“For international students, there’s not much else to bring us together aside from classes,” said Adegoke.

He felt the contest would be an activity that he and other students would enjoy because it’s easy to join and a break from academics.

“I know a lot of people who would be open to something other than typical school activities,” said Adegoke.

The Recreation and Wellness programs strive to show inclusivity, and not every college-organized initiative has to be about academics, added Dorian.

Dorian believes that diversity and inclusion are the main focus of student wellness programs.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, student or staff of any background,” said Dorian.