Universal bus pass for RRC students delayed until 2019 despite 2017 vote

By The Projector

The Projector files

The Red River College Students Association is conducting a survey with Winnipeg Transit about the implementation of the universal bus pass, or U-Pass for short.

Last year, in spring 2017, RRC students voted to bring the U-Pass to RRC in the fall of 2018. But, a schism about the implementation has pushed the date back to 2019.

To take part in the survey, check your academic email for a survey link.

The University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg both issued universal passes in fall 2016. The cost is added to student’s tuition — whereas now, RRC students have to pay a monthly post-secondary rate.

The Projector will be following this story to help you understand why the U-Pass won’t be available for RRC students for another year and a half.