Manitoba band set to release new single this month

By Nicole Brownlee

Two Crows for Comfort got a little help from their friends on “Sheet Ghosts,” the first single from their upcoming album, set to release this Thursday.

The Interlake duo of Erin Corbin and Cory Sulyma formed Two Crows for Comfort in May 2017. The folk band spent the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic recording a follow-up to their 2018 debut album, 17 Feet.

Cory Sulyma (left) and Erin Corbin created Two Crows for Comfort in May 2017./ TWOCROWSFORCOMFORT

“All of our free time was spent on the album,” said Corbin.  

The sound on “Sheet Ghosts” is a departure from their primarily acoustic debut and is one of 10 songs on the unreleased album Two Crows for Comfort collaborated with other musicians on.

“It became something completely different than what we originally planned,” said Sulyma. 

The single was originally written as a stripped-back acoustic song with just guitar and vocals. Instead, it became an ensemble piece with friends help and the lead single for the album.

Sulyma said the production for the album changed from how they usually create music.

He said their friend Jon Plett, an experienced drummer, wanted to know if the band had any songs he could play around with for fun.

The pair shared the acoustic recording of “Sheet Ghosts” with Plett, who’s played drums for Petric, Doc Walker, and High Valley.

“He sent it back over and we just thought ‘Holy smokes, this is so much cooler,’” said Sulyma.

Sulyma said Plett’s drum track influenced how they continued working on the song.  The duo added bass, electric and pedal bass guitar, and violin to Plett’s beats.

“It became this crazy layered thing from nothing,” said Sulyma.

“Sheet Ghosts” also features guitarist Lachlan McLean (Past the Perimeter) and bassist Ben Mak (Blue Rubies).

“We luckily have a lot of talented friends,” said Sulyma.

Sulyma said this song along with others from the album was passed between musicians to add whatever they liked, which is a change compared to an in-studio recording offering face-to-face critiques.

“For the most part, it was incredible right from the get-go,” said Sulyma. “We didn’t have to ask them to change much.”

Two Crows for Comfort’s latest single, “Sheet Ghosts”, features several Manitoba musicians and is set to release Oct. 15./TWOCROWSFORCOMFORT

“Sheet Ghosts” tells the story of Corbin and Sulyma spending Halloween in Richmond, Virginia a few years ago, which encouraged them to release the song leading up to Halloween. 

Two Crows for Comfort is unsure when their album will be released, but Sulyma said they have plans to share a few more singles in the meantime.

“We’re super excited about releasing [the album],” said Sulyma. “Whenever that may be.”

Check out Two Crows for Comfort upcoming single “Sheet Ghosts” on Oct. 15, and keep up with the band at their website and on social media @twocrowsforcomfort.