Students’ association hosts 2000s-themed event

By: Olivier La Roche

2000s pop music is alive and well at Red River College Polytechnic. The Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) will be hosting a 2000s Night at Notre Dame Campus next week.

The event is on Friday, Feb. 17, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., and the RRCSA expects it will be a hit with those who grew up listening to 2000s music.

“Our late-night events have been really successful,” said Denize Esiyo, the RRCSA student life manager.

She said these events’ recent popularity, mixed with the wide appeal of the 2000s theme, creates lots of excitement for the upcoming event.

“2000s music was a really good era of music, and I think a lot of people are going to get really excited to come.”  

This style of music is among the most recognizable for her and her friends, Esiyo said.

“I don’t know the title of the song, but once I hear it, I sing along.”

DJ Anto, best known for his work on ENERGY 106, will be DJing and playing music at 2000s Night.

DJ Anto provides the tunes at RRC Polytech’s The Cave Lounge in September 2022. Anto will be DJing and playing music at this year’s 2000s Night. (Supplied by RRCSA)

It’s not his first time DJing at an RRC Polytech event, but he said he’s especially excited for 2000s night. Attendees can expect to hear music from Beyoncé, Rihanna, and NSYNC, among others, he said.

“All these hits you’re going to hear would be the throwbacks for our generation.” 

He’s seen this genre of music increasing in popularity over the years at events around the city, and he’s confident this event will reach students who want to hear “the hits that they grew up on,” he said.

DJ Anto said he has a connection with 2000s music and expects to relate to the students attending.

Mishelle Acero, an RRC Polytech student in the Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing program, also has a connection to music from the 2000s.

“I like that kind of music. I grew up listening to Britney Spears,” Acero said. “It really makes me feel nostalgic. I remember listening to that music with my sister. It was the Britney era.” 

Last October, RRCSA organized two late-night events: a Diwali Celebration night and a K-Pop Night.

Both nights successfully encouraged RRCSA to put on similar events, said Esiyo. 

Tickets are $5 for students and are available on Red River College Students’ Association’s website