Winnipeg Transit restores full fall schedule

A three month bus shortage has led to longer wait times and busier busses for Winnipeg Transit users. THE PROJECTOR/CONNOR WIELGOSZ

A severe bus shortage has led to longer wait times and busier buses for Winnipeg Transit users. THE PROJECTOR/Connor Wielgosz

Many transit riders were left out in the cold during the last three months after Winnipeg Transit had to alter routes and service schedules because of bus shortages.

“In first year (of school) I really didn’t feel anything wrong with the buses,” said Ryan Kim, a business information technology student. “If I tied my shoelaces and missed my bus, I would just have to wait 20 minutes and the next bus arrives. Nowadays you have to arrive at the bus stop by, let’s say, 8:10, because 8:11, 8:12 and 8:15 would be your only bus choices. Miss that and your next buses would be at 8:47, 8:49, and that’s it. You’re late.”

Kim said these delays are not only inconvenient, but could also have serious academic consequences.

“It’s irritating. It’s really irritating, to be honest, because it’s either wake up earlier or be late,” said Kim. “You won’t get marked for your next assignment because you don’t get to class on time.”

Kim said he feels the effects of the shortage more than students who live close to RRC because he lives in The Maples.

“I know they reduced buses, but I don’t think it’s being felt on other sides of the city. I bet it’s not,” he said.

Candice Guild, a second-year student at the University of Manitoba, visits The Roblin Centre regularly.

“I live in the area and my boyfriendgoes here,” said Guild. “I’m bussing from the U of M campus down to Portage Place. There are usually a lot of buses downtown. I take the 160, 161 and 60 most often. No delays,” she said.

Though she hasn’t been affected by the shortage, Guild said her friends who bus everyday aren’t as lucky.

“Some of my friends have to wait a little bit longer than they would have to last year. I was just assuming it was because of the first snowfall,” she said. Winnipeg Transit will restore regular fall service Dec. 8, the city said in a news release Dec. 3.