RRCSA office move leaves open space


The old RRCSA student benefits plan office at Red River College Notre Dame Campus is relocating. THE PROJECTOR/ Tamika Reid

The student benefits office at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus is relocating, and the students’ association is asking students how they’d like the old space to be used.

“We need a breakout room,” said Leslee Ann Cuenca, a third-year electrical engineering technology student.

Cuenca said there is no room to study on campus.

“Students have to study side-by-side,” Cuenca said, shaking her head.

The RRCSA made a Facebook post on Dec. 5 asking students for their opinions on how to use the old office space.

“Nap room!” Erika Martins commented on the post.

SA president Adam Taplin said students have submitted a wide variety of ideas.

When asked her opinion while leaving NDC in the evening on Jan. 13, Madushani Liyanage, a third-year nursing student, said she wants the space to be turned into something food related that is open late.

“The (Tim Hortons) closes early around here, at like three or four o’clock,” Liyanage said.

The SA is still taking suggestions on how to transform the space. Taplin said he is looking for something that the majority of students would like.

Taplin said the new RRCSA student benefits plan office will be in a central area that will be more accessible to the general student population.

“It’s right across from the students’ association office. It’s next to the store where everyone uses,” Taplin said.

The previous location was in the basement back corner of the D, E, F basement, Taplin said.

“The only people who walk by there are business admin and accounting students,” he said.

Taplin said many students didn’t know there was a health and dental office.

“They have no specific reason to go down into the basement to walk past the office,” he said.

Taplin could not quote the exact costs of relocating the office.

He said the new office will be more private for students.

“There’s a little private office in the back there, so if there’s any personal conversations that the health provider has to have with the student, they can go inside there,” he said.

The office has yet to be opened.

“We’re a little behind schedule,” Taplin said.

On Jan. 13, 10 days after the scheduled opening, you could see a reception area, phone, computer, and chairs through the glass of the not-yet-functional office.

Taplin said a timeline for renovations to the old office space has not been set.