Check out one of these four vendors during your next lunch break

By Kelsey Marcotte

Goldie’s Fries – (Food truck) Various locations

Goldie’s Fries is usually parked on King Street at Old Market Square, but can often be found on Elgin Avenue outside the Exchange District Campus’s cafeteria.

Goldies food truck on King's Street in Winnipeg.

Goldie’s Fries food truck on King Street. /Kelsey Marcotte

Claiming to have the best poutine in town, Goldie’s Fries is an expert at classic burger and fries fare. They also have pierogis, smokies, and other classic comfort foods, all huge portions.

The owner and chef, Darryl Leiman, treats his customers like family, and fills them up with his generous portions. He loves taking care of people, and really loves what he does. When he’s set up on King Street, diners squeeze together on picnic benches near the Cube, and enjoy what’s left of the nice weather.

Poutine from Goldies Fries.

Poutine from Goldies Fries. /Kelsey Marcotte

He won’t stay open all year, but he might stay open longer than usual. “I’ll stay open longer this season if the students keep coming,” he said. “It’s been really busy lately, so I could potentially keep going till December.”

Pay Darryl a visit before his season is over for some great food and even better conversation.

Winnipeg Free Press News Café – 237 McDermot Avenue

The Free Press News Café is a great quiet lunch spot for students to grab a bite and a coffee and maybe get some work done. In keeping with their news theme, they have a rack of Free Press papers in the corner, and a TV playing the latest news.

The awning outside the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe. /Kelsey Marcotte

Their menu ranges from soup and sandwiches to breakfast food to Asian food. It’s a family-owned restaurant so during your visit you might see the chef come out from the back, and joke around with his family before going back to cooking.

“We sell a lot of sandwiches,” said Erica Lee, the owner. “The Manitoba club is our most popular.”

Kum Koon Garden – 257 King Street

A hidden gem in China Town, Kum Koon Garden boasts Winnipeg’s most authentic Chinese food.

Kum Koon Garden restaurant. /Kelsey Marcotte

An exciting dining experience best enjoyed when you’re not in a rush. The minute the doors were opened for lunch, over a dozen people began piling in. Waitresses rushed around with carts piled high with steaming food offering dumplings, chicken wings, and a whole lot of unrecognizable dishes. Some look completely bizarre, and maybe a little intimidating, but taking a chance on something strange could result in a very pleasant surprise.

Pork dumplings from Kum Koon Garden’s Dim Sum menu. /Kelsey Marcotte

According to owner, Geoffrey Young, the pork and shrimp dumplings are the best-sellers. “We have so much to choose from, but those are always a hit,” he said.

Kum Koon Garden is perfect for groups who want to try a variety of dishes.


Kyu Bistro – 185 Isabel Street

Kyu Bistro serves Japanese food, with an emphasis on ramen.

Fans of the popular food truck, Kyu Grill will love the familiar authentic-meets-modern take on Japanese food from the same owners. The restaurant is small and cozy with only about eight tables. Each table has a clear view of the kitchen, so smell of spices envelops the room like a warm blanket — and the service is just as pleasant. Tucked into the corner of a strip mall on Isabel street, it’s only about a 10-minute walk from RRC’s EDC.

Spicy miso pork ramen from Kyu Bistro. /Kelsey Marcotte

By noon, the limited number of tables are full of people waiting to order the Spicy Miso Pork Ramen, their most popular menu item. The ramen at Kyu Bistro is not your average 99 cent instant noodle ramen that you buy at the grocery store. It’s the perfect meal to warm up on a cold winter day.