Local R&B artist releases debut single

Cassandra Cardy, CONTRIBUTOR

Marisolle Negash, 25, sings “Spaceship” at her single release party at Forth on
March 17, 2017. THE PROJECTOR/ Cassandra Cardy

Marisolle Negash was returning a rental to Long & McQuade and started playing on a keyboard in the store when she finally finished writing Spaceship — the single she’s been working on for three years.


“I just sat down,” she said. “I found this progression, and I knew this is what needed to end the song.”

Negash, a 25-year-old keyboard player and vocalist, hosted a release party for Spaceship on March 17 at Forth.

“A lot of what I have to say is encapsulated in this song,” said Negash. “Spaceship is about how you can only control such a minute part of what happens in your future.”

She said it wasn’t going to be a typical single release party. It was centred solely around the music.

“If you came here, you wanted to be part of it,” said Negash. “It’s about the tune, but it’s more so about what the tune is representing.”

She worked the door at the Spaceship release party so she could personally meet the 50 people who came to her show. They filled all of the tables and couches around the dim stage area and some sat cross-legged on the floor.

“I asked to work this event because Marisolle was performing,” said Robyn Adam, a 23-year-old who works at Forth. “Her voice is very beautiful. It draws in a very chill, kind crowd of people.”

She looks up to singers like Erykah Badu, an R&B artist, who Negash describes as a renegade.

“She came out really sure of herself in terms of artistry,” said Negash. “That’s the element I adore most about Erykah, is that she’s very unapologetic about being fiercely herself. I try to channel that.”

Negash likes listening to what unsigned artists are posting on their personal SoundCloud or YouTube channels.

“I try to find the strange acts,” she said. “Artists who can see their songs from beginning to end. Not only write the lyrics, but produce it, play some instruments, and maybe do the visuals. I love the complete artist.”

What sets Negash apart is how new she is at putting herself out there. She’s still getting used to telling people she’s a musician.

“There’s a lot I have to learn, and I’m not jaded yet,” said Negash. “I’m very hungry and super devoted. There’s only one Marisolle.”