Theatre Projects Manitoba one of many Winnipeg theatres offering student discounts

Photo provided by Theatre Projects Manitoba

By Suzy Gilbert

The theatre season is approaching, and Theatre Projects Manitoba (TPM) stands out for the discounts and special events it provides to students.

Ardith Boxall, artistic director at TPM, said the company is dedicated to mentoring emerging students and recognize it is important that students see creative work.

This dedication is why it has a student representative program where students from the Universities of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba theatre programs can actively work with the theatre community to understand and participate in all aspects of live theatre.

The student representatives get the chance to shadow theatre professionals for two years at a time.  

“A good production can open your mind up to new ways of thinking or challenge your existing beliefs,” said Jesse Bergen, an RRC graphic design student and member of the local theatre community. “[Live performance is] great for pushing forward social change and engaging with issues in a nuanced, immersive way.”

TPM feels the same way, and recognize that students especially are always learning and challenging the way they think about social issues, suggests Boxall. For this reason, it has always offered student discounts and has recently started hosting various student events.

Five years ago, TPM started hosting student nights, which feature a preview of the running production. The show costs only $10.00 and after the show, the audience and theatre members come together for a mixer where food, beer and wine are served for free.

Boxall said that TPM has lots of classes and students coming in and it wanted to create a more fulfilling, welcoming and intimate experience.

Boxall said that this year promises to be very fun as this is the first year that student nights are being hosted entirely by the student representatives.

TPM also has been hosting a salon series at the Good Will Social Club. Theatre students and established artists come together to share short pieces, readings, music and performing arts.

These events are a liaison between theatre communities, universities, and companies.

The next salon will take place on Nov. 28, 2017 and is open for all to attend.

TPM’s next production, Tomorrow’s Child, will be showing at the West End Cultural Centre from Oct. 25 – Nov. 5, 2017. Boxall describes this show as a “non-traditional, sci-fi, immersive, sonic performance where the audience will be blindfolded.”

The student night for Tomorrow’s Child will be on Oct. 31, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.