RRCSA trivia hero Leslie Howe hopes her daily musings bring cheer to RRC students./ROMEO SHAGBA

By Romeo Shagba

All through the school year, students at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus walk past the Students’ Association office in the atrium.

Some may have seen the whiteboard in front of the office.

Closer observers may have noticed the list of fun facts written underneath the daily announcements.

For the past two years, Leslie Howie, administrative supervisor for the RRCSA at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus, has been updating the board daily with a list of trivia and oddities.

Before the whiteboard, there was an A-frame outside the RRCSA office for posters of upcoming events. Howie said people kept knocking it over, so they decided to get the whiteboard.

On a slow news day—not unlike today—she noticed the whiteboard looked a bit bare, and she added a bit of trivia to fill up the space and add a bit of fun to the board.

Howie is the first point of contact for students coming to the RRCSA office, and she gets how hectic the workload can be for students.

Check out the whiteboard next time you need a laugh. /ROMEO SHAGBA

“I understand sometimes it’s tough for students, and I hope they get either a smile or giggle when they walk past the office on their way to class,” said Howie.

As much as students like reading the fun facts on the whiteboard, one design student has some typography advice.

“I like to read the fun facts, but I’ve never read all of them,” said Melissa McCausland, a first-year graphic design student. “I think the whiteboard needs less fun facts and bigger text, so people can notice it easily when they’re walking past.”

What started as a way to fill up the board on slow news days has become a tradition of the RRCSA office, which students look forward to reading every day.

Stop by the office if you need a chuckle, and say hello to Leslie, the EDC’s local trivia master.