by Kelsey Marcotte


Your focus will be sharp as a tack this week, Capricorn, thanks to sexy Venus sliding into your spiritual sector. She’ll give you the confidence boost you need to absolutely crush everything you do, so go ahead and take some risks. Ask that person out, quit that job, leave your family, change your name and move to Mexico. Do whatever you’ve got to do to make your life feel worth living again.


Feeling cluttered, Aquarius? With your motivation sky-high, this week is the perfect time to unpack and sort through the many pounds of emotional baggage that you carry with you at all times. Hey, you might as well unpack the actual bags that you’ve left in the corner of your bedroom since you got back from visiting your family over the holidays while you’re at it. You’ll feel much more relaxed and level-headed once you do. 


Your social life is about to kick into full throttle, Pisces. Venus and Jupiter are having a rendezvous in your social sector, which means you’ll be full of opinions and ideas. Engage your friends in a spirited debate about a polarizing topic. You’ll know who your true friends are when they resist the urge to punch you in the face and continue speaking to you after you’ve finished pitting them all against each other while you stood back and watched.


Your New Year’s resolutions are off to a rocky start, Aries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still turn it around. If you made a resolution to drink less in 2019 but have already polished off two jumbo boxes of wine this week, don’t fret because when Venus and Jupiter get together in your sector of far horizons, they will judge you harder than your mom does when she asks you through sobs why you’re still single and are doing nothing with your life. If that doesn’t make you stick to your guns, there’s really no hope and you might as well just give up. 


You tend to be very serious, Taurus, and this week is no exception. Sultry Venus moves into your sector of desire near the end of the week, leaving you fueled with passion. Don’t have a honey in your life? Now could be the perfect time to lock down a new lover, right in time to have a very awkward Valentine’s Day while neither of you know how to gauge the level of commitment from the other. Try not to take it personally when you get them a thoughtful and sentimental gift and they get you a pair of edible underwear. 


Now is a great time to make some big changes, Gemini. A healthier diet, a better job, cutting off that one toxic friend who just keeps clawing their way back into your life, these could be the keys to a happier life. Though you usually reject change of any kind, this one could be very beneficial. If you can make it through finally cutting off your rat-tail braid and throwing out your Hacky Sack collection from 2005, you canmake it through this. 


You tend to give in to pressure from your loved ones very easily, Cancer, which often bites you in the ass. Your timid nature makes you susceptible to peer pressure, and your friends and family know this. This week will be a true test of your will and you’ll have to dig deep to stand your ground. Sneaky Jupiter and diabolical Neptune get together early in the week which means you’ll have to get creative with your excuses when you try to explain why you can’t drive your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend to the airport this weekend. Stay strong, Cancer, you got this.


You are the definition of a workaholic, Leo, and this week will bring no relief. You can, however, use this to your advantage. When you’re lying awake in bed staring at the ceiling at four in the morning because you’re having an existential crisis, use that time instead to get some extra work done. That project you’ve been meaning to start but haven’t been able to find the time? Get it done! No one looks back on their deathbed and reminisces about all the sleep they got anyway. Get it done.


Your innate desire to help people makes you great for certain jobs, Virgo. Nursing, social work and therapy are no-brainers, but your need to please tends to leave you feeling drained and unappreciated. This week, you will find more people than usual asking you for help, and if you want to stay sane, you’ll have to start learning to say no. Or, you can keep taking on everyone else’s worries and troubles until it turns your soul black and the weight of everyone’s demons inevitably kills you. Your choice, Virgo.


You are easily led into temptation, Libra, it’s part of what makes you so fun. It’s also what makes people turn on you. Since you tend to act first and think later, you find yourself in hot water more often than not. This week, you’ll really be put to the test when your ruling planet, sensuous Venus slides into your romance sector. You’ll be presented with a very tempting opportunity. To stay grounded, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and just think about how YOU would feel if YOUR employee had an affair with YOUR wife. Think before you act, Libra. 


You’ll be faced with a tough decision this week Scorpio, and you’ll need to lean on your friends to help you decide. You’re not usually much of a gambler, but with Venus and Jupiter getting together in your financial sector early this week, it could be the perfect time to take a risk. Just because MOST people would say investing all your life savings into a joint timeshare in Nevada with five strangers is a bad financial move, doesn’t mean it’s true. 


Some money troubles are in your near future, Sagittarius. You’ll be faced with some unexpected expenses and you’ll have to make sacrifices to adapt and stay afloat. That means resisting the urge to order takeout for the seventh day in a row and finding something to make with the rotting vegetables and questionable meat that’s been sitting in your fridge for weeks. It’s either that or file for bankruptcy, so crank the oven to max to kill off all the harmful bacteria and get ready to chow down.