Keggers could happen in EDC’s future

Jeffrey Rumbaoa sings karaoke at RRC's Kegeroke event. SUPPLIED/ Lindsay Rowan

Jeffrey Rumbaoa sings karaoke at RRC’s Kegeroke event. SUPPLIED/ Lindsay Rowan

It’s 5:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon in The Cave and students at Keggeroke are chugging cans of beer and sipping mixed drinks. A slurred version of Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name blares through the speakers while the small audience sits at their tables laughing as a visibly intoxicated young man sings on stage.

“We’re making new friends, and fans. I already sang once. We’re deciding if we should go again,” said Katie Cam- eron, 21, a first-year pharmaceutical manufacturing student at Red River

College. She studies the list of songs at her table with two classmates trying to read the small type in the dark lounge. Behind the bar, Karla Henuset, the Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) event coordinator, laughs as she pours a couple of Jäger shots for

a young guy trying to build up enough courage to perform.

“We try to put on a kegger once a month, but we have other events going on all the time. Usually a couple hun- dred people come out to these events, but we don’t see much crossover from the two campuses,” said Henuset. “You guys can come here whenever you want. We do host the Annual Poker Night downtown (at the Exchange Dis-

trict Campus) but that’s about it.” Adam Taplin, president of the RRCSA,

said when he’s not advocating for students’ rights he is trying to make student life more enjoyable.

“Education is the greatest thing we can give ourselves, but we don’t want you to burn out. We want you to enjoy your experience here. You need to be able to flick off your brain once in a while,” said Taplin. “Unfortunately, when they built the new campus down- town, they didn’t consider any space for a student lounge. So having these kinds of events aren’t really possible.”

There is no student lounge at the EDC, but Calvary deJong, RRCSA vice-president external, said with an

expansion to the campus, a student lounge could become a reality.

“I feel like this is a priority for stu- dents. With the possibility of expanding to a new building, we could have the space for a lounge. We need to find a way to make this happen. This would be great for our campus culture down- town,” he said.

Currently most RRCSA events are hosted in The Cave located in the basement of the Notre Dame Campus. The next big event is happening on Thursday, Oct. 27, a Halloween Kegger, which will feature a hypnotist, a DJ, and a costume contest.