Students de-stress during activities that promote positive mental health

BY: Kiersten Haight

Massages, therapy dogs, and meditation; these are just a few of the events that took place at Red River College (RRC) during THRIVE Week from Nov. 6 to 10.

Therapy dog Pepper receives lots of attention from RRC students on Nov. 6, 2017./KIERSTEN HAIGHT

THRIVE Week is a time for students and staff to join the mental health conversation by de-stressing and learning about mental wellness.


RRC’s mental health coordinator Breanna Sawatzky organized most of the events taking place throughout the week. She believes that it is important to have reminders that there are ways to deal with stress and maintain positive mental health and well-being.


“Being a student is a really stressful time, there’s a lot of demand on students,” said Sawatzky. “Part of learning how to be successful in a career is knowing the balance between work and self-care. We don’t want to see students burning out.”

The contents of a wellness kit, given out to students on the Friday before THRIVE Week, Nov. 3, 2017. / KIERSTEN HAIGHT

First-year graphic design student Chloe Brown knows the stress of constant assignments and tests.


Brown visited the therapy dogs during THRIVE week at the Exchange District Campus. She said that it was a great morale boost, although she wished she had time to attend other events.


“Teachers should allow the students time to enjoy this time of relief,” said Brown. “Not pile on more work when we are supposed to be learning tactics.”


THRIVE Week is a partnership between the Red River College Students’ Association and RRC’s Healthy Minds Healthy College Initiative. According to the RRC blog, the initiative helps ensure the college is a mentally healthy place to learn and work.


Other events during the week included a speech by Kyle Nobess, yoga, music therapy, and paint night at both the Notre Dame and the Exchange District Campuses.