The Projector moves online-only

by Erik Pindera — Editor-in-chief

The world of journalism is rapidly changing, and The Projector is changing with it. There’s been a paradigm shift — we live in the online age. It’s time The Projector shakes off the old-school approach.

In order to stay relevant to our readers and to Red River College, we are evolving from a bi-weekly physical paper to an online-only news source. This edition of the newspaper will be the last ever print edition of The Projector.

By moving the paper online, we can bring the stories that matter to our readers as the stories happen.

We will cover Rebels games when the ball is on the court. We will cover events at the college as they happen, be it a speaker like TSN’s Michael Landsberg, or tragic events like the January stabbing at the Roblin Campus

We strive to keep our readers informed. In order to do that, we need to cover events in real-time. By moving The Projector online, we can keep our readers informed about what is going on at the college when the readers need it most — right now, when it’s new.

We will break stories about the college — and dig into what affects the college and its students, instructors and support staff.

The Projector’s long history isn’t over yet.

The transition to digital might be jarring for some readers, but we promise that the transition is taking place to help our readers understand what’s going on at their school when they need it most — when it happens.