RRCSA’s new initiative encourages conversations about mental health


Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) has dedicated a wall to uplift students and encourage conversations about mental health. 

The Yellow Wall, which can be found on the RRCSA website or in-person at the Notre Dame campus, asks people to leave words of encouragement and advice for students who may need it.

“Yeah, I can totally see this being a great place for us. You know, there is so much hate and negativity online, that it’s nice for students to come to a place where they can actually feel supported and just be kind to each other,” said Jenna Deerpalsing, a second-year nursing student at the Notre Dame campus.

The Yellow Wall was created in partnership with Red River College Polytechnic’s Healthy Minds, Healthy College initiative. The goal of this initiative is “to cultivate an environment of support that provides a sense of well-being, belonging, connectedness, and positive mental health for all students,” according to the Healthy Minds, Healthy College charter. 

The Yellow Wall is a dedicated place to share mental health tips and words of encouragement for RRC Polytech students./MADISON REYNOLDS

Messages of hope and supportive words have already filled the RRCSA webpage since it launched at the beginning of April.

“Of course this [Yellow Wall] is a great idea, but it’s also important for students who are struggling and having a really hard time mentally to know about the resources that may be more professional so they can get further help for themselves,” Deerpalsing said.

Deerpalsing said she has spent the majority of her college experience online and understands how being a student can take a toll on your mental health. 

“Everyone processes stress and mental health differently and so if this wall can uplift even one student, then that’s a win for everyone,” she said.

The Yellow Wall website also provides information on RRC Polytech’s Campus Well-Being unit where students can access mental health coordinators, learn about self-management strategies, and find mental health centres in the community.

The conversation on mental health is not a new subject to students. With the demands and pressures students face throughout the year, Deerpalsing said the Yellow Wall can act as a safe space for RRC Polytech students.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted all of our lives. In this time, it is critical that we continue to prioritize and further expand RRC Polytech’s mental health and well-being initiatives,” said RRC Polytech’s president and CEO, Fred Meier, in a news statement on mental health.