By: Dylan Asmundson

From December 24 to January 1, 23 out of the 102 students living in residence will be staying on campus over the holidays. 

This year the Campus Living program is making a concentrated effort to supply the same resources to residence students remaining on campus.

The hallways will be quieter than usual in RRC Campus Living with less than 1/4 of student remaining over the holidays./DYLAN ASMUNDSON

In past years resources such as the Culinary Exchange were dormant over the break.

Kylie Clark, manager of Campus Living, said this year the Culinary Exchange will remain operational for students over the winter break. 

All of the regular resources will still be available to students such as the foosball tables, gaming systems, and student lounges. 

“This year is exciting for us, in past years we would have to arrange ordering in for students on the meal plan but this year the kitchen will remain running all through the break,” says Clark.

Clarks said security checks will be done every eight hours throughout the winter break to ensure the safety of the students. The student lounges will also receive a festive makeover for the winter break in an effort to make the students feel more at home.

Students staying in residence can expect a festive face-lift to residence public areas to make them feel more at home./DYLAN ASMUNDSON

Clark said RAs (resident assistants) will not be remaining on campus this year for a holiday break. The RA team will be returning January 1, to get a jump on planning for the coming semester and determining what Campus Living will offer for residence students. 

Chef Gordon Bailey, a culinary instructor, said that although returning home over the holidays is beneficial, the bonds and friendships that students make while staying here at school are important.

“The fact that there won’t be a complete shut-down of food services and other resources is a nice way to keep the college feeling alive over the break,” says Chef Bailey.

Campus Living students will be able to settle back in before classes between January 1 and 5.

Second-semester classes begin on January 6.