RRCSA and MC College students partner for stress relief activities

By Sarah Vandale

The Atrium at Red River College’s Exchange District Campus smelled like nail polish as dozens of students lined up to get a manicure or to get their hair braided from hairstyling and esthetic students from MC College (Hairstyling, Esthetics & Fashion Design School).

I joined the students who were getting pampered and got my hair braided by Liz Zajac, a hairstyling student from MCC. The friendly conversation and hairstyling helped me relax during my class break.

The Braid and Manicure Bar was a part of RRC’s Thrive Week, which helps students find a balance between self-care and school. Other activities throughout the week included therapy dogs, massage therapy, yoga, paint parties, and mindfulness workshops.

Roopleen Kaur, a second-year Digital Media Design student, waited in line for half an hour in-between classes to get a manicure.

“These kinds of events give me a stress-free feeling,” Kaur said. “Every day I have at least one assignment due but seeing these kinds of events at the College help make me very calm and happy.”

The Braids and Manicure Bar gave MCC students the opportunity to practice on real people, and RRC students were able to relax with a free manicure or hairstyle. SARAH VANDALE

Second-year Creative Communications student Bryn Ormiston said she usually doesn’t have the time or money to get her nails done.

“I think it’s a good way to help students relax, but it’s also just a nice little treat,” Ormiston said. “It’s nice to get my nails done in between classes instead of sitting and doing homework.”

Phung Nguyen, a student from MC College, said the Braids and Manicure Bar benefits both the MCC students and RRC students.

“It helps the [MCC] students get hands-on experience with actual people instead of mannequins, and Red River College students get a free treatment,” Nguyen said.

College students aren’t the only people MCC students help. While Zajac was braiding my hair, we talked about MCC’s community involvement.

Nikola Elash took a few minutes out of her hectic schedule to relax and get her hair braided by a MCC student. SARAH VANDALE

Zajac said MCC likes to stay involved in the community by giving free haircuts to visitors at Oak Table, a community resource center, and to families staying at Ronald McDonald Houses in Winnipeg.

“It’s a nice thing to do because when a child is sick, families usually don’t have time to get haircuts,” Zajac said.

In December, the RRCSA will put on more stress relief events – Cram Day and No Stress Xpress – to help students prep for exams. Check out the RRCSA events calendar for more information: https://www.rrcsa.ca/events/