The RRC Students’ Association is developing a form allowing students to share and file their grievances with the college as a group.

By: Hoang Bich Ngoc (Alex) Vu

In front of the Student Association office at every campus stands a whiteboard with some interesting stories, facts, and information. The board changes weekly and is meant to make people who read it feel positive and motivated./HOANG BICH NGOC VU

The form will provide students to speak their minds more efficiently and effectively, and in turn, be heard.

“A lot of students have a lot of grievances or concerns,” said Leslie Howie, admin assistant of the RRCSA at Exchange District Campus. “We hope the form would be a good chance to help students enjoy their time in college. But now, we’re still in talks with the college about the form and have no idea about its issue date.”

According to the RRC website, more than 1000 international students have chosen Red River College to follow their career path. They come from a variety of countries and cultures.

Howie explains the RRCSA would like to create a fair and dynamic environment for international students to connect with instructors, the college and other students. This form will encourage an open dialogue.

Not all students know about the RRCSA and the services that are offered to them through student fees.

Lam Hoang, a Digital Media Design student, finds some information in front of the Student Association office to apply for a volunteer job./HOANG BICH NGOC VU

“I have never been there or tried any of their services,” said Lam Hoang, a Digital Media Design student, “I usually go to the Student Services or directly email my instructors instead. I don’t know much about the RRCSA, so I think the college should introduce more about the association and their service so that I will know what kind of service they provide.”

“I think the SA’s purpose is good, but I’m not sure lots of students would come there… students I know haven’t gone to the SA for any help,” Hoang said.

However, students who have contacted the RRCSA gave positive feedback on their services.

Huynh Phan is studying the Culinary Skills program at PGI Campus, and she expressed a great appreciation for the association.

Huynh Phan, a Culinary Skills student, searches for her health plan information on the website./HOANG BICH NGOC VU

“People in the SA are very nice. When I emailed them to claim my healthcare bill last year, Christa replied to me the following day with a clear and detailed instruction to make my claim,” Phan said. “I’m sure that whenever you need help, come there, and they’re always willing to help you. I believe when they release the grievance sheet, that will help us students have a better experience.”

While the Students’ Association is striving to get the deal, students still can enjoy the benefits of current services.