Students must now find restaurant alternatives.

BY Will Reimer, Reporter

Paterson GlobalFoods International is one of the places to eat in the Exchange District preferred by students and locals alike – Will Reimer

Many students returning to Red River College’s Exchange District campus this fall will have noticed that the Grab and Go – one of the few places to get food on campus – has packed up and left.

This brings disappointment not only for those who didn’t get the chance to redeem their “buy ten get one free” soup coupons, but also everyone who wanted more variety in food on campus.

The Grab and Go bore all the standards of cafeteria dining, from wraps and salads, to fruit and cinnamon buns. It was fast, reasonably priced, and the only alternative to Tim Hortons coffee. It offered hot meals occasionally.

Students may be thinking that their options are shrinking, but in fact, the Exchange District has many affordable possibilities. It all depends on what you want.

Tim Hortons is the campus go-to for coffee, but sometimes you might be wanting a little more atmosphere. Forth on McDermot Avenue is a great alternative both in terms of coffee and ambience. The café is ideal for sitting down to do some work, or meet with friends. However, the walk across Main Street makes it a little impractical to visit between classes, and students will notice the food is a bit more expensive than what is found on campus.

A mere stone’s throw from the Exchange District campus, Bronuts is a convenient, quality choice for those looking for coffee and a snack. They take pride in offering a good cup of coffee – or other espresso drinks – and of course, the donuts are a cut above anything you’ll find at Tim Hortons.

For those who want a meal with a little more substance throughout the day there are many great places to eat around The Exchange. For students at the downtown campus’, proximity and affordability are most important.

For this, look no further than Paterson GlobalFoods Institute on Main Street. PGI is catered mostly by RRC’s culinary students, and the food is priced to be afforded by students. The dining area is bright, friendly, and inviting, and the food is varied and delicious.

At half a block South on Princess, Subway really can’t be beat in terms of nearness. This location is nice also for having a warm atmosphere with lots of space. There’s even a semi-private lounge near the back with a few couches and armchairs.

The food is well-priced, but of course the selection doesn’t extend far beyond sandwiches and soups.

For a wider range of food, drink, and activity, the King’s Head Pub on King Street is the first stop for many RRC students. The staff are friendly, and the pub has a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

This isn’t exactly the place to go if you plan on getting work done in between classes.

The King’s Head has all sorts of food you would expect to find at a pub, but is probably the priciest option on this list. It also has the widest selection of beer and spirits, which might be useful information to some.

The Mercantile didn’t make an appearance in this article, but it remains the obvious choice for most students in a hurry. And are you even an RRC Exchange District campus student if you haven’t had a Merc-dog yet? With the Grab and Go gone, students should be more incentivized to check out the Exchange District for themselves and see all it has to offer.