Live chat, faster search engine among improvements

By Delaney Grindle

RRC students can now chat with a librarian online when looking for library resources. / DELANEYGRINDLE

Red River College students can now connect with a librarian remotely, thanks to the libraries new web chat feature.

Library Resource Management Coordinator Jeanne Towle says the change was needed in order to keep up with the digital world.

“We have had the same software for 22 years. The world of libraries is changing to a digital age,” said Towle.

Towle says having more digital resources makes it more affordable for students and staff when renting books. It also gives libraries more physical space, which could then be used for quiet study areas.

“In both our Notre Dame Campus and Exchange District Campus, about one third of our materials are printed. The rest are digital,” Towle said.

The library database is constantly upgrading to be more accessible for students and staff. The new online chat feature is available on and off campus and allows them to talk with a librarian about finding library books or articles, tutoring and other academic resources.

“Anyone who has access to the servers is able to use the database’s resources and contact the library staff,” said Towle. “You can be at home or on vacation.”

The new feature is easy to use and even easier to find. Simply visit the RRC Library website and click the “Ask Us” bubble on the homepage. /DELANEYGRINDLE

Library Systems and Services Coordinator Mark Nelson played a leading role in testing the software and creating widgets for the library website database last spring.

Nelson says the library website has more updates as well.

“We expanded our software in two places: the ability to chat with a librarian and an improved search engine,” said Nelson. “The overall online library system is improved.”

Students who want to try the new feature just need to visit the RRC Library website and click the bubble at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page, labelled “Ask us.”

The library website is