Students go all out for RRC Halloween Costume Contest.

By Miya Saj

Leslie Howie, the administrative supervisor at the RRC Exchange District Campus, patiently waits for students to sign up for the Costume Contest in her homemade zombie costume on Halloween. “I’ve seen so many great costumes around the college.” / MIYA SAJ

Red River College students showed off their creative sides as they came to school in costume for the annual Halloween Costume Contest. 

Contest front-runner Tessa Allen, a second-year Creative Communications student, dressed as Oscar the Grouch. Allen said she dresses up every year, but this year’s costume was much more elaborate.

Tessa Allen, a Creative Communications student, dresses up for Halloween as Oscar the Grouch. She went all out this year winning the RRC Costume Contest. “I’ve only worn it once, so I thought it was time to bring it back out this year.” /MIYA SAJ

“I just decided to go all out this year,” said Allen.

Allen said her costume was made from a real garbage bin and her mom sewed the Oscar the Grouch mascot to go with it. 

Alongside Allen were winners Paulene M as Jigsaw and Lillian M as Shaman, according to a statement from the Students’ Association.  

“Every Halloween the contest is judged by the Students’ Association,” said Leslie Howie, an administrative supervisor at the Exchange District Campus. 

Howie said a total of 43 students entered the contest between the Notre Dame Campus and the Exchange District Campus.

Howie is responsible for starting the contest about four years ago when she dressed in a bloody and ripped homemade zombie costume and took pictures of students who wanted to enter. The top three winners took home a Cineplex gift card.

Howie says she was pleased to see the turnout this year.

‘The college was filled with some great costumes,” said Howie. 

Nicolas Lozupone, a Business Administration student, dressed as Jesus.  

“My hair is already long, so it made the costume low effort,” said Lozupone. “I saw very cool costumes around the college and so I have some competition.”

He borrowed his mom’s pants and used a pair of brown sandals to complete the costume.  

Luke Cecelon, an Electrical Engineering Technology student, disguised himself as Death Dressed as Mario. Cecelon said this is his first year entering the Costume Contest and that the best thing about Halloween is the freedom and creativity.

Luke Cecelon, Electrical Engineering Technology student poses in his Death Dressed as Mario costume in hopes that more people will feel comfortable enough to wear their Halloween costumes too. “Halloween is about freedom and creativity and using it to explore.” /MIYA SAJ

“I think it’s a time where socially it seems more acceptable to try things you wouldn’t try normally,” Cecelon said. 

Cecelon said he hopes more people will feel comfortable to dress in costume next Halloween. 

The NDC set up a haunted house on Halloween, something Howie said she would like to see at the EDC to get students into the Halloween spirit.