Second-year Graphic Design students will be selling their artwork at this year’s Graphic Design information night. 

By Alyssa Luhowy

Esther Stang, 21, places information night cards for the Graphic Design program on tables in the atrium of the Exchange District Campus./ALYSSA LUHOWY

This year, the second-year Graphic Design students have the opportunity to sell their note cards, which also doubles as their final illustration assignment for the semester. 

Their assignment was to create a series of note cards with a central theme. All student note cards sold will come in a package of four for ten dollars and all profits will be going to the illustrator. 

Two students found the assignment to be a great stepping-stone before they start in the industry.

Tanea Brown, 23, is a second-year Graphic Design student. She said she used this assignment to step outside of her comfort zone, which has been heavily influenced by photography and pop culture. For this assignment, she incorporated nature into her work which she said felt liberating.

“I felt confident with this one, I put a lot of thought into it,” said Brown. “It’s nice having your work displayed somewhere other than the classroom.”

After graduation, Brown hopes to get her foot in the door and work at a variety of Graphic Design studios to eventually gain enough experience to move to Australia and start her own business. 

Tanea Brown, 23, displays her note cards, a final assignment she will be selling on Nov. 27th for the Graphic Design information evening. “It’s nice having your work displayed somewhere other than the classroom.”/ALYSSA LUHOWY

Second-year Graphic Design student, Esther Stang, 21, said she was especially motivated by the assignment because she could tap into her own design styl, which leans towards nature and realism. Stang said she feels grateful to have the chance to showcase and sell her own work.

“This is an opportunity that is really important to the second-year students,” said Stang. “It leaves us with the confidence to share our own ideas once we’re out in the industry.” 

After graduation, Stang looks forward to building connections with other designers and aims to gain as much experience as possible in hopes of one day becoming her own boss. 

Tanea and Esther’s efforts to push their creative boundaries are only a small sample of what has been highlighted out of the Graphic Design program at Red River College this year so far.

The two girls, among the rest of their classmates, will be selling their note cards during Red River College’s Graphic Design information night at the Exchange District Campus from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the atrium.