Digital Media Design grad Matea Radic featured alongside nine other Manitoban artists

By Patrick Eulalia

On November 30, the Winnipeg Art Gallery debuted its latest exhibit, Behind Closed Doors. The exhibit gives viewers the chance to see the artist’s process by showcasing both finished and unfinished work. Red River College graduate Matea Radic, 33, is one of ten artists featured in the exhibit.

Matea Radic, 33, at the opening night of the Behind Closed Doors exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. /PATRICK EULALIA

Radic studied fine arts at the University of Manitoba before enrolling in the Digital Media Design program at Red River College.

“I came to Red River College in hopes of finding a way to make a living with my creativity,” said Radic.

Before this event, she had been featured in a few shows and tried to put together shows of her own.

Jaimie Isaac, the Winnipeg Art Gallery Curator of Indigenous and Contemporary Art, created this exhibit to showcase Manitoba artists.

Jaimie Isaac, WAG Curator of Indigenous and Contemporary Art, giving the commencement speech at the opening night of the Behind Closed Doors exhibit. /PATRICK EULALIA

“I chose each artist based on the artwork they do,” said Isaac. “I want the audience to see the artist’s process.”

Radic’s work in Behind Closed Doors includes four large prints and a TV that showcases what she’s most proud of — animation.

Titled Trapped, the animation is a continuous loop of a person in a cage who watches planes fly by. It was inspired by her experiences of war and how she got to Canada.

“When you experience something like that, it never truly leaves you,” said Radic.

Radic majored in video and motion graphics and graduated from Red River College in 2014. She said the Digital Media Design program taught her skills she never thought she could learn, but she worked hard on her own to develop the things she loved most.

“If you love something, research on it and find ways to develop that thing,” said Radic. “It’s important for you to take control and make the program work for you.”

Behind Closed Doors will be at the Winnipeg Art Gallery until Spring 2019. Radic currently has no plans for any other art shows at this point, but she said she is hoping to find more opportunities for her work.