RRC’s Centre for International Education and Global Partnerships hosts the Celebration of Culture Party

By Sarah Vandale
Video By Eric Antonio

Take a peek at the fun the Celebration of Culture Party offered to RRC students and their families.

Voyageur Dining Room at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus looked a little different on Friday, Jan. 17. Students hung dozens of countries’ flags in the doorway, guests enjoyed samosas, and cultural dances drew eyes in from around the room.

The Celebration of Culture Party, an event put on by RRC’s Centre for International Education and Global Partnerships, is open to all RRC students and their families (including activities such as face painting and balloon animals for kids). It was an opportunity for students to connect, express their culture, and learn about others.

“It’s great to see when students take pride in their culture and want to share what they enjoy best with their fellow students,” said Josh Roopchand, President of Red River College Students’ Association.

“I think students value the opportunity to share their culture and it’s important in understanding how diverse our student body is to bring together a better college community.”

There were performances by India School of Dance, Summer Bear Troupe, Flying Lion Dance Troupe, Evans Coffie, and Synergy Dance Production Winnipeg. Flying Lion Dance Troupe’s Chinese Lion Dance was one of the highlights of the night for Health Care Aide student Anh Tran.

“I’ve never been to an RRC event, so I’m excited to have fun with my friends,” Tran said. “It’s great that people can get together and get to know more about other cultures.”

Yuraj Singh, an Automotive Certification student from India, attended the event to learn about different cultures. He said dancing and seeing the performances was a great relief from exams.

“Events like these helps develop diversity in the school and it helps everyone learn more about each other and make new friends,” Singh said. “It can also help students get to know more students and make them comfortable to make new friends.”

Norman Umali, International Student Support Coordinator for the College, said the event is a celebration of culture and promotes diversity and inclusiveness.

“Students find it difficult to adjust to life in Canada, especially in the winter,” Umali said. “The party is an opportunity to showcase their culture to others and at the same time appreciate other cultures at the event.”

To learn more about RRC’s diversity initiatives visit https://www.rrc.ca/diversity/.