‘In-person learning is more productive,’ student says

By: Joanne Mack

Red River College Polytechnic students returned to Exchange District Campus in late August. 

While some students’ perspectives on being back on campus for in-person learning after two years of remote learning are positive, others say in-person learning comes with some challenges. 

Jyotsna Singla, a game development student, said she enjoys being back on campus as she can see and interact with her instructors and classmates. 

“Being online was complicated with my major,” said Singla. “It’s easier to ask questions in person.” 

Singla says being back on campus makes it easier to make connections with other people. “I’m liking in-person learning, I can experience new things and meet more people,” said Singla. 

In-person learning requires most students to wake up earlier to get to school. Singla said she has a lot of early morning classes.

“I am not a morning person. I have an hour bus ride,” said Singla.

A student types on their computer at RRC Polytech’s Exchange District Campus. In-person classes returned to RRC Polytech this fall term. (Joanne Mack)

Dade McGinnis, a graphic design major, likes being back on campus this year. “It’s enjoyable. There’s more structure, and a better learning environment,” said McGinnis.

He said he was excited when he first heard he will be returning to campus full-time this year. Although, he also said he was slightly nervous. Overall, he thinks in-person learning is more beneficial.

“I don’t think I face any challenges going back to in-person learning,” said McGinnis. “In-person learning is more productive.”

Destiny Wioby, a student in the youth recreation activity worker program, said she prefers in-person learning, although she felt more comfortable with the online delivery method. 

“In-person learning has physical work resources, whereas everything used to be online,” said Wioby.

She says her biggest challenge being back on campus is socializing.

“I was more comfortable online,” said Wioby. “I tried hard not to make friends online.”

The Exchange District campus is open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and closed on weekends and holidays.