College recognizes employees on both a small and large scale

By Sarah Thiessen

Lauren Konrad, 32, is the recipient of the 2017 Leadership at All Levels BRAVO Award. Konrad is the Student Integration Coordinator at the Roblin Centre campus. /SARAH THIESSEN

Another year of hard work is coming to a close, and employees of Red River College are taking time to recognize the work of fellow co-workers.

The BRAVO Awards Program is described as “the highest level of recognition for employees” according to Red River College’s website. There are six awards which focus on different areas of outstanding success, such as The Research Excellence Award and The Hidden Hero Award.

Melanie Gudmundson, overseer of Red River College’s Staff Awards and Recognition Committee, said she is really proud of the awards.

“It is rewarding to see various individuals and groups across the college taking time to recognize other employees, and then being able to give them formal recognition,” said Gudmundson.

Lauren Konrad, the Student Integration Coordinator at the Roblin Centre, received the Leadership at All Levels BRAVO Award in 2017. A co-worker she works closely with, Andrea Johnston, nominated her for the Award.

“I felt really grateful,” said Konrad. “I work with good people.”

She points to a black filing cabinet that is disguised by a collection of handwritten notes entitled “Cheers for Peers.”

Cheers for Peers is a way for employees to recognize outstanding positive actions throughout the year. Boxes are located throughout both RRC campuses. /SARAH THIESSEN

Cheers for Peers gives employees the opportunity to highlight a specific time a coworker went above and beyond the requirements. Konrad said the BRAVO Awards Program is great, but that it is also great to have something like Cheers for Peers, which runs throughout the year.

Cheers for Peers boxes are placed throughout the school with carbon copy papers to write on. Over time both givers and receivers get points for their contributions and can eventually earn prizes with the points.

“I appreciate being able to be part of the internationalization of the campus and being able to learn about the students and their stories,” said Konrad.

Among her list of achievements, Konrad started the Student Refugee Program. The program sponsors refugees to give them the ability to live in Canada to study. She helps new international students settle into their life at the school.

The Student Refugee Program at the Roblin Centre makes new international students feel at home at the college. /SARAH THIESSEN

Lauren Konrad is just one of the six recipients of a BRAVO Award in 2017. The newest award is The Sustainability Leadership Award which recognizes employees or teams who have made an outstanding effort to contribute positively to environmental, social and economic sustainability.