Students speak out about recycling and sustainability on campus

By Orycia Karpa

Red River College students actively use the recycling and waste trios provided on campus. /ORYCIA KARPA

Red River College’s Office of Sustainability has created many programs to reduce waste and conserve resources on campus, however, there are mixed feelings about them among students.

Jackson Kirby, a Red River College student, said the recycling and waste trios on campus are confusing. 

“I don’t know what to recycle,” said Kirby. “Some things you can and some things you can’t.”

The College created Pitch Insigns located above a few of the recycling and waste trios across campus.

The 20-year-old Electrical Engineering Technology student said he would benefit from having more of those signs around campus.

Pitch In signs are designed to provide clear reminders and information about what can and cannot be recycled.

“I didn’t even know those existed,” said Kirby. 

Recycling and waste trio systems are provided on campus to promote sustainability. /ORYCIA KARPA

Melissa Ghidoni, a Business Administration student at the College, said she tries to recycle as often as possible. The 22-year-old finds it effective to have so many recycling and compost bins around campus. 

Ghidoni would be more likely to recycle if there were bins in the classrooms as well. Red River College’s Office of Sustainability developed the Hall It!program in response to classroom cleanliness issues.

Brianne Mann-O’hara, 21, a Business Administration student, is concerned that most coffee cups are not recyclable. She purchases coffee from the Tim Hortons on campus.

“It’s such a waste,” says Mann-O’hara.

The College’s Office of Sustainability encourages students to contact them with feedback or ideas they may have to make the campus a more sustainable environment. For more information on sustainability at Red River College, visit the website: