By: Noah Cote


Good news, Aquarius. Team-based projects could bear fruitful this week, while you notice you feel a sense of defined purpose and a humming energy within your spirit. If you’ve been putting off a larger project to watch that Netflix series, now’s the time to really get down to business. Those little crackers shaped like goldfish will veer into your field of vision this week and when they’re offered to you, it’s a good idea to accept.


Something unexpected is coming your way, Pisces. A form of surprise, whether it’s that email or phone call you’ve been waiting for, or an unforeseen meeting of an old acquaintance on the street, they’re likely going to present you with good news. Be open in your daily routine and don’t change a thing, it’s only in the familiar action that the unfamiliar can occur.


Aries, a hasty and impulsive action could be your downfall this week. Take time to slow down and consider your actions before making any drastic changes. If you’ve decided to cut that person out, or let that person in this week, you may want to fully evaluate their motivations. There may be a change you’ve recently made that’s clouding your judgement and forcing a false perspective on those around you.


Are you feeling confused on which path to take, Taurus? A lot of things are coming to an end this week and some conclusions may present themselves still. This is not an ominous warning and you shouldn’t be fearful of your future, just be careful to critically examine the path you’re taking. You may notice a feeling of just “going through the motions” causing you to question a change in your daily routine. If so, consider that incremental changes lead to great progress in the long run. Go easy on yourself. Switch to decaf or include more cardio in your afternoon workout.


Things just aren’t going your way this week Gemini, and there’s little you can do to change that now. You just got feedback on that project and it didn’t live up to what you hoped it could be, but there are opportunities on the horizon! You are strong, and it’s your willpower that will carry you through the next couple days. Make it to the weekend, relax, and grab yourself a bottle of red wine – not white. Don’t feel guilty about having more than one glass, or heck, a whole bottle. There’s something positive waiting for you in a well-deserved indulgence – even if it is just the anti-oxidants.


Your empathy is at an all-time high this week, Cancer. You’ve been worrying a little too much over the two closest people in your life and one of them definitely isn’t getting the message. If you can manage, you may want to sit down with them and explain what you’re going through, and how it’s making you feel a little alienated right now. That’s okay, by the way, you don’t always have to feel like your normal self. That’s a healthy part of life and if it’s not harming you or others, just try to embrace it and take care of yourself.


A blast of energy has great things in store for you this week Leo. You’ve got the heart of the lion, and like Katy Perry says, they’re gonna hear you roar. In fact, they’ll enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to unleash the beast a little bit (figuratively) and voice your concerns or ideas to your group. You might just find that someone was waiting for you to speak up to get the chance to support you.


You’ve got a hater, Virgo, simple as that. You don’t know what it is, or what particular part of you they’ve chosen to latch onto and grind you down, but damned if they aren’t persistent. Best path of action is, as usual, kill ‘em with kindness. It’s a tried and true method of winning friends and influencing people, which you may not see yourself as a master of, but that’s just the classic imposter syndrome at work. It will take a little discipline and they probably won’t end up being your best friend, but they will leave you alone for your own gain.


You have the chance to save someone’s day this week, Libra. You have a strange draw toward Cancer’s love circle. Though one may not come to mind, the stars will work their way toward you two and help spark a new level of relationship you didn’t expect, but definitely won’t regret. Try switching off the Netflix this week and picking up that old video game you never seem to have time to enjoy. You’ll find a fresh sense of enjoyment and it will reignite a spark for the medium you thought you only had when you were younger.


Don’t do it, Scorpio. The action you’re considering will set off a ripple of events that will leave you feeling cheated. You have plenty to gain by focusing on your own improvements, while that favour for a “friend” has sinister undertones. Try switching up your routine to focus on a different set of muscles and you’ll find you’re left with a clear head and an open mind that lasts you into next week. The secret is, if you keep switching it up, it never gets you down.


Sagittarius, it’s time to reach out for help. You can’t keep this tension pent up inside you for much longer. Pressure bursts pipes; Imagine what It can do to a human body. Luckily, you have a support system that cares deeply for you and you best believe they’ve noticed you’re stressed, they’re just too proud of you to mention it. Treat yourself to an actual meal at night this week and carve out some time to sit down with someone and write down the things you know you have to do to make it all work. Your helper will give you some solid advice that will help you feel like the whole world isn’t resting on your shoulders.


You need to lighten up, Capricorn. There’s not some great plot to dismantle your effort, no one is out there assassinating your character and you definitely aren’t the weakest in your peer group. This is negative thinking brought on by negative behaviour. It’s not entirely your fault, you’re about to break through the threshold you’ve been progressing through for a long time. Good things come to those who wait, so just stick it out for 10 days and sleep for a week. Then you can crush a beer, see those friends you’ve been putting on hold and let off some steam – You deserve it.