by Kelsey Marcotte


You’re in your prime this week, Aquarius! With the sun shining bright in your sign, it’s the perfect time for you to soak up the spotlight. Aquarius season is in full swing, and we all know how much Aquarius’ love an excuse to be the centre of attention. Take this week to remind everyone how great you are. It’s your time, Aquarius, and if anyone tries to tell you you’re being selfish, entitled, or childish just un-invite them to your birthday party. That’ll show them.


Thoughtful but tricky Mercury will move into your zone of seclusion this week, Pisces, which means it’s a perfect time for a little introspection. Declutter your space and your mind a la Marie Kondo. Does that box in the back of your closet filled with old shoes that you’ve worn once spark joy? What about that grudge you’ve been holding onto in the back of your mind for years from that time someone mildly insulted your hair and now every time you get ready in the mirror, their snide little comment echoes in your brain? Screw it, just get rid of everything, Pisces. It’s for the best.  


This week may bring frustration and anger for you, Aries, with stubborn Mars and timid Saturn in your career zone. Though you’ve been working hard and have yet to see results on a big project – this week will be no different. Instead of trying to force it to the point of a mental breakdown that leaves you throwing hot coffee in Jan From accounting’s face and storming out of the office, take a breath, smile, and hit up the closest happy hour. Then, try again next week with a fresh, new, booze-induced perspective.


Things are looking positive for you this week, Taurus! Gracious Venus and social Jupiter get together in your sector of finances and intimacy which could bring unexpected money or luck in the romance department—or maybe both. If you’ve been on the fence about a new romance, now could be the perfect time to jump all in. Take your fortune and blow it all on an extravagant date with your new boo to sweep them off their feet. Try not to think about what will happen when they realize you actually aren’t rich, and you could have definitely used that money to get something practical, like a washing machine that works. That way you won’t have to keep washing your underwear in the sink. 


Your social life will be thriving this week, Gemini. With lovely Venus and kind Jupiter getting together in your social sector, this week is great for fun outings. Get a big group together and try something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do an escape room, or try axe throwing. With your confidence surging this week, it won’t even phase you if something goes horribly wrong like a malfunction that locks you inside the escape room, or a rogue axe that causes an injury. You’ll be flying so high that you’ll have no problem brushing it right off. So, get planning, Gemini!


You’ve been butting heads with someone lately, Cancer, and this week could finally bring a confrontation to the surface. Whether it’s that one co-worker who always steals your food from the fridge or your roommate who leaves their dishes “soaking” in the sink for days, you’ll be so fed up that you’ll finally confront them. Since you tend to avoid confrontation at all costs, try to go easy on them when you do and be leery of letting years of pent-up frustration come out all at once. You don’t want to burn any bridges, even if you’ve asked them several times to just wash their damn dishes—nothing ever needs to soak for that long! 


You’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with your ever-growing to-do list, Leo, but this week might bring some relief. You’ll be getting offers left right and centre for fun activities. Big parties for your sorta-work-friends’ birthdays, destination weddings for your friends from high school you haven’t talked to in years and never really liked anyway, mom inviting you to a “spa day” in which she’ll interrogate you about your life choices. Any of those options sound better to you right now than continuing to slog through your tasks while never actually making any progress. It’s cold out there, Leo, go with the destination wedding.


You’re in desperate need of a re-charge, Virgo. You’ve been bogged down by stress, demanding friends and family, and a lull in your professional life. This week is the perfect time to take some much-needed “you time” as all-powerful Mercury moves into your wellness sector on the weekend. You’ve never been great at taking time for self-care, but your moment has finally come, give it a shot. Draw a bath, grab a book and eat an entire cake. Screw it, grab a bottle of fancy red wine to drink straight from the bottle. You deserve it, Virgo.


Your love life has been a little rocky lately, Leo, but now could be the time for it to turn around. Rambunctious Mars will move through your relationship zone later this week which could give you the perspective you need to take charge of a persistent problem. Whether it’s reconciling after a bad fight you had with your spouse over who takes out the garbage more or telling the person you’ve been “casually” seeing for almost a year that you actually dowant to be exclusive—despite the fact that you said you were also “totally cool” with seeing other people. Either way, it’s for the best to just decide. 


You tend to overthink everything, Scorpio, and that can make it hard for you to relax and when it comes to big purchases, you tend to weigh your options far longer than necessary. This week though, with exuberant Jupiter meeting up with extravagant Venus in your sector of finances, a splurge might be in order. So what if you have no money and no practical need for a regulation-size pool table. It looks cool, and you could practice enough to turn yourself into a pool shark and then your reckless purchase becomes a smart financial investment. 


You’re craving excitement, Sagittarius, and with foxy Uranus in your sector of leisure, this could be the perfect time to take some risks with your love life. You’ll be feeling confident, sexy, and craving a thrill. Crank that age range on Tinder and see what’s out there. You never know what you could be missing by limiting yourself to people within a reasonable age bracket. So, step outside your comfort zone, Sagittarius. It could be the best risk you’ve ever taken. Either that or a horrible and disgusting mistake. You never know until you try. 


This could be a great time for a financial investment, Capricorn. You’ve been working hard and with Mars moving into your financial zone, and things might be about to fall into place. Even though you’re not usually one to pay attention to the stock market and you tend not to listen to people’s investment advice, now is a great time to take a financial risk. You might not thinka lavish music festival reminiscent of the infamous Fyre Festival would be a smart investment, but really, what are the chances of that disaster happening twice? The odds are in your favour, Capricorn.