What is a dream? It’s a wish your heart makes! Duh! But it’s more than that too. A dream is a place of escape and renewal and confusion and clouds and out-of-left-field sexual encounters with coworkers that make tomorrow’s shift vaguely uncomfortable.

Every night, every lengthy bus ride and every stress-induced coma is an opportunity to visit the land of dreams, to be taken by the mystifying detritus of the mind and step beyond the veil and into the unknown.

 (Just don’t tell your friends about it. No one needs to hear about your dream besides your dream journal, and also no one cares that you have a dream journal.)

A dream is a gift. A gift is a present. The present is today. You may be wondering what my point is here. I don’t know! And therein lies the beauty of the dream: it doesn’t need to be interesting or exciting, it doesn’t even need to make sense! It just needs to take you away to somewhere other than here, away from the trials and tribulations of the everyday and into that hazy alternate reality where nothing is as it seems. Where the dead come to life, horses walk in stiletto heels, and where you might accidentally pee your bed for real.

If we could, I’m sure we’d all love to spend more time in our own heads, adrift on the warm seas of the mind, awash in the gentle rains of the imagination and swathed in an extra absorbent diaper. But alas, reality beckons.

So, what can we do? We can try to sleep our lives away like the mighty sloth, letting algae grow in our thick grey fur and consisting on a diet of low-nutrient leaves, or we can soundtrack our waking hours with the sounds of dreams, bridging the gap between awake and asleep until maybe one day there’ll be no difference at all.

This playlist is for all of us who are stressed out, overwhelmed, and beaten down by the mundanity of waking life, who need a little dose of delirium in our day. Listen on the way to school or work, listen as you stare at the wall, or listen as you do a kick-flip on your winter-adapted skateboard. Cowabunga!

These aren’t necessarily quiet songs, but don’t expect them to soundtrack your muscle-milk fuelled gym rage either. Instead, these are songs that dissolve the barriers between dream and wakefulness, songs that could float away at any moment, songs of weightlessness and cotton candy clouds à la Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream (disclaimer: the honorable Ms. Perry does not appear on the following playlist).

And remember, if you don’t like what I’ve put together, just dream that you’re listening to something else! 

Sweet dreams and happy travels,