Graphic Design student gears up for her final showcase

by Talia Smith

Soon Kira Gregory will have to take down the random doodles, inspirational quotes, and a photo of a wiener dog wearing a sweater that decorate her workspace.

Her desk on the fifth floor of RRC exchange campus will be going to a new student next year — she’s graduating.

Kira Gregory looks through one of her portfolio pieces at her workspace on April 3, 2017./ THE PROJECTOR Talia Smith

It’s where she’s created many of her school projects, some of which she’ll be displaying at the annual Graphic Design showcase in May.

“We’ve been preparing for it for basically the last two years,” said Gregory.

Winnipeg design and marketing professionals attend the showcase seeking talented and dedicated workers, according to Ken Stampnick, an instructor for the Graphic Design program.

“People looking for fresh talent are certainly there,” said Stampnick. “But we get all walks of people.”

Gregory isn’t afraid of criticism, but she still feels anxious.

“Constructive criticism is always good, but if someone you really look up to in the industry says something negative about one of your pieces, that can be really nerve-racking,” said Gregory.

The showcase is more than just an opportunity for the students to display their portfolio, Stampnick said.

“It’s a chance for their personalities to come out,” he said.

According to Gregory, the showcase is where several students have found work directly after graduation.

“I think it’s really great because a lot of people get jobs from the grad show,” she said. “If we didn’t have that, then a lot of us might miss out on job opportunities.”

A few weeks before putting their pieces together, the students sit down with instructors to perfect their work. They can choose six pieces from their two years spent in the program.

Many students choose pieces that show their diversity, while others choose them based on cohesiveness, said Gregory. It varies based on the artist.

“It depends how you want to brand yourself,” she said.

Gregory said among her talented classmates, she’d be happy with any recognition from the industry professionals at the grad showcase.

“If you stand out amongst all these amazing people, I’d just be happy with that,” she said.
The showcase is on May 3 at the Red River College Exchange District Campus and open to the public.