2015 in headlines

Courtney Frenette looking at the list of top 15 feminist moments of 2015 from Ms. Magazine. THE PROJECTOR/Danielle Granger

Courtney Frenette looking at the list of top 15 feminist moments of 2015 from Ms. Magazine. THE PROJECTOR/Danielle Granger

Take a look back on 2015. Those 365 days are gone, but what happened made headlines, heads spin and hearts full. To remind you of how unexpected, exciting and entertaining life can be, here’s a recap of some national headlines from last year.

Let’s start with the big screen. According to rottentomatoes.com, there are lots of movies 2015 should be proud of. Their “Top 100 Movies of 2015” list includes “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens,” “Carol” and many more.

But the world’s real tragedies weren’t portrayed by actors. In April, Nepal was hit with an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.8, killing thousands and injuring more than 20,000.

Paris was the target of two attacks. The first was in January as gunmen opened fire on journalists and staff at Charlie Hebdo, an open-voiced media outlet. The second was in on Nov. 13 when 130 people were killed after gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a major stadium, restaurants, bars and a concert hall in the city of lights. The terrorist attacks were the work of the Islamic State militant group, according to French president Francois Hollande.

Finally, in December, there was no indictment for the police officer who allegedly killed Tamir Rice in November 2014. Rice was a 12-year-old boy from Cleveland, Ohio who was playing with a toy gun when the officer fatally shot him. His death sparked a conversation about racial profiling around the nation.

But it seems love was in the air and in the law. In May, Ireland legalized same-sex marriage by referendum. The following month, the United States followed suit and legalized same-sex marriage nationally. This sparked a Facebook phenomenon as hundreds of thousands of users bathed their profiles in rainbow colours to show their support.

But our own country decided to focus on the colour red as the Liberal Party swept the federal election on Oct. 19. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the leader of Canada and the subject of jokes, articles on his looks and a quote machine.

“Because it’s 2015.”

Meanwhile, down south, the American presidential election got the ball rolling with campaigns announced from Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump dominated the Republican side and has been a focus in news and on social media for his controversial comments on banning Muslims from America.

And his questionable performance on Saturday Night Live.

There are many more events and trends that happened in 2015, and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll remember the year. Barb MacDonald, an animal health technologist student at Red River College, said her top memory was one she created herself.

“The top thing I did this year was vote on my own accordance in the elections this year,” said the 24-year-old. “Usually I get guidance or suggestions from a family member, which also makes me realize I did a whole lot of making my own choices this year.”

Bryan Morrow is Barb’s fiancé. He said he doesn’t pay much attention to any top 10 lists of 2015, so he marks the years according to his own milestones.

“The top thing that happened in 2015 for me was starting school in the medical laboratory technology program,” said Morrow. “It has been the most trying thing I have ever done, but I have the first semester down.”

MacDonald said she’s looking forward to graduating in 2016 and being able to help abused animals or military animals with PTSD.

“The thing I’m looking forward to the most of 2016 is finishing my first year of classes and starting my second year,” said Morrow. “Maybe even starting to plan my wedding.”