RRC Students’ Association goes all-out to engage and keep student morale high during exam time

By: Nicole Latschislaw

The Cave student’s lounge at the NDC is dimly lit on a Monday morning. The Blind Side plays on a large projector in the corner of the room. Some students work on assignments, while others sleep on couches using their parkas and backpacks as makeshift blankets and pillows. 

Garnet Mason, 25, sits on his computer studying Indigenous Education as a student sleeps beside him.

“They play two or three movies a day,” he said. 

The Cave student’s lounge at NDC is a working space and plays movies./NICOLE LATSCHISLAW

Stress levels are high among students as they get closer to the end of the semester, and Red River College’s Students’ Association is doing what they can to help reduce that stress and keep positive energy around.

A calendar hangs on the wall of The Cave showing this month’s NDC activities./NICOLE LATSCHISLAW

Gemma Ignacio, the co-ordinator of events for the RRC Students’ Association, says whether it’s giving away snacks or providing a cozy space on a cold Monday morning, the SA attempts to engage RRC students.

“We give out free popcorn and pop from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to get more people, I think a lot are just there for the free food,” said 25-year-old.

 “We try to offer different activities for students…beer gardens on Wednesday and a trivia night this Friday.” 

The Cave offers a lounging space with movies, activities, and a licenced bar for students looking to enjoy a beverage after school.