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From the throne

RRC made it to the throne. Premier Greg Selinger and his NDP government made the annual throne speech on Nov. 16. The government said it will work with partners like RRC and Université de Saint-Boniface to increase the number of early childhood educators in Manitoba. They also plan to create 12,000 more childcare spaces as part of the government’s universally accessible childcare system. Other promises include relocating rail lines out of Winnipeg and increas- ing support for victims of domestic violence. This speech was made five months before the provincial election on April 19, 2016.

Top of the board

RRC cabinetmaking instructor Todd Birtwhistle was named instructor of the year. Birtwhistle received the award from Apprenticeship Manitoba on Nov. 5 at the Awards of Distinction reception. Birtwhistle graduated from RRC’s ap- prenticeship cabinetmaker program and has worked at the college for seven years.

According to a RRC blog, students said Birtwhistle is a supportive instructor. He encourages students to be self-motivated and take responsi- bility for their work. Birtwhistle is also known to make time for his students outside of class to help them suc- ceed.

New auto body training facility

MPI is investing $6 million in building the Centre of Excellence, which will house a research and training facility for automotive repairs. They plan to build it at MPI’s physical-damage centre on Plessis Road.

The centre will train auto body technicians on repair techniques and changing technologies, like complex materials. MPI will partner with RRC, Apprenticeship Manitoba and Manitoba high schools to increase auto body apprenticeship opportunities. The Centre of Excellence is expected to be completed by 2017.