Safe, tasty or concerning?

By: Seth Franklin

Don’t start with a full cookie.

Cannabis legalization is entering a new phase on Oct. 17, 2019 by introducing cannabis edibles and concentrates. 

Edibles, lotions, oils and vape juices are going to be sold in stores.

Nathan Buschau, his laniard is dope. Buschau greets people entering Tweed and makes sure they have their ID and are of age. /FRANKLIN

 “I estimate we will carry cannabis infused chocolate, drinks, and E-pens which consist of concentrated cannabis extracts,” said Nathan Buschau, a shop host at Tweed Osborne.

Edibles and concentrates aren’t legally defined yet. Health Canada can approve or deny them even if they’re from licensed producers. 

Cannabis products will start rolling out in mid-December this year.

Edibles and concentrates will range from single doses of 2.5mg to 10mg of THC. with a maximum purchase of 1000mg of THC. 

“Newcomers ingesting edibles should be wary. Consuming cannabis can take up to 2 hours for its effects to work. Remember to start low and go slow.” Buschau said.

Health Canada has been strict on cannabis guidelines to weed out any underage or reckless users.

A single joint’s packaging has legal information, THC limits and warnings.

 “It’s exciting cannabis edibles will be coming out. We’ll be able to know the exact contents in edibles, rather than not knowing what’s inside,” said Richard Phagoo, a business administration said.

Richard Phagoo outside of the Exchange District Campus. /FRANKLIN

 “Some people may prefer eating other than smoking, which is a nice alternative,” said Aaron Rosenburg, an electrical engineering technology student.

To put it bluntly, edibles and concentrates might not taste or smell that good. Health Canada requires edible cannabis products not to contain artificial sugar, caffeine, or alcohol.

Aaron Rosenberg, acting natural. /FRANKLIN

“The flavours in legalized cannabis vapes come from terpenes, which is the aroma’s residing in cannabis,” Buschau said. 

The Government of Canada has provided online information explaining regulation rules and safe consumption.

Be an exHEMPlary consumer, and know your limits.