New SA president to focus on mental health, student engagement

By Ainslee Asham 

The SA will hold elections in the fall to fill additional board positions./THE PROJECTOR.

Avery Halldorson, the Red River College Student Association’s 2020-2021 vice president academic, is the new SA president.

Halldorson said she grew up talking politics and follows local, provincial and federal elections. Her interest grew when she heard about the SA.

 “I wanted to have a voice for my classmates and meet new, inspiring individuals,” Halldorson said. 

Her goal from the beginning was to become the SA’s president, she said. 

“I am very happy that Avery [Halldorson] will be the president, Mandeep [Sidhu] as the VP internal and Austin [Burtniak] the VP external affairs,” said 2020-2021 SA President Yash Chopra.

He said the liveliness of the campus during the 2019-2020 school year when he was the VP internal was a stark contrast to the “ghost town” of the college during his presidential term this year. 

Chopra said he’s confident in this new team and believes they will work diligently to represent the association.

“I strongly feel that [the new team] will definitely be working to ensure that student interest and student voices are heard, and that constant student support is available within the association.”

Halldorson’s campaign platform consisted of mental health advocacy and engagement. 

“Mental health is more important and prominent than ever before. I want students to know someone is here for them and that support is available for every possible situation and occasion,” she said. 

Halldorson said she wants to end the stigma around mental health and assure students are comfortable enough to speak out. She believes that advocacy and engagement go hand in hand to accomplish that.

“Advocating for causes that students truly want and need [and] the SA needs engagement to determine those needs,” Halldorson said.  

Getting involved and engaging with students will be an important part of next year’s executive team, she said.

“It’s a little bittersweet for me to be moving on, as I love the work that I do, but I’m very excited to see what the exec team will accomplish during their term,” said Melissa Ghidoni, 2020-2021 VP external.  

Halldorson and the other new executives will start their terms on May 3.

For more information on the RRCSA and their student services, visit their website.