Nonsuch Brewing Co. and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra collaborate to deliver food and live music

By: Rainah Uhl

As winter begins, Winnipeggers look to indoor entertainment to chase away the seasonal blues.

Nonsuch Brewing Co. and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) are offering “Dinner and a Show.” This collaboration combines a four-course Nonsuch meal followed by a WSO performance.

“The Nonsuch has a long-standing relationship with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra,” said Cole Mospanchuk, executive chef at Nonsuch. “We’ve collaborated in various capacities over the years. Beer collaborations, performances in the taproom, discounts for WSO folks, etc.”

“Dinner and a Show” has been running for the last two seasons of the WSO at the Centennial Concert Hall, about a 30-second walk from Nonsuch Brewing Co.

“To me, this experience embodies a lot of what the owners originally wanted The Nonsuch to be,” Mospanchuk said. “Excellent food, paired thoughtfully with big, bold Belgian beers, served in a premium space.”

A typical Nonsuch dining experience consists of small, shareable plates and a selection of high-quality beers, cocktails, and wine. The casual dining that Nonsuch is known for differs from their “Dinner and a Show” collab.

“Our WSO experience is more formal structured dining. You receive a small plate, second course, entree, and dessert,” said Mospanchuk. “This results in the opportunity to give our customers a unique experience highlighting our diverse beer selection and maybe getting them exposed to a couple new styles of beer in the process.”

Nonsuch Brewing Co. hosts the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s “Dinner and a Show” collaboration on Nov. 19, 2022. (Rainah Uhl)

Russell Kunz, audience development coordinator for the WSO, said they look forward to another season of collaborating with the brewing company.

“I like that it encourages people who might not normally attend a WSO concert to come see a performance,” said Kunz. “It’s an elevated dinner experience, so pairing it with a WSO concert makes total sense.”

Nonsuch Brewing Co. and WSO made this collaboration for the 2021/2022 season when audiences could see live music after COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

“My hopes are that we can expand the “Dinner and a Show” experience to other local restaurants in the area,” said Kunz.

Kunz said they also encourage younger audiences to attend.

“One reason I think it’s important for younger audiences to come to shows is because there is a preconceived idea that classical music is for old, rich, white people, but it’s for everyone.”

Mospanchuk said the Nonsuch Brewing Co. brand of beers has become popular with Winnipeg’s younger generation, providing another opportunity for people to check out “Dinner and a Show.”

“Downtown businesses are a pretty tight-knit community, so it’s mutually beneficial for us to develop synergies and attract consumers to the downtown area,” said Mospanchuk.