After a packed event, RRC Polytech’s Latin Identity Club plans to host monthly events for all students

By: Nate Flaman

On Dec. 5, 2022, Red River College Polytechnic’s Latin Identity Club (LIC) hosted their inaugural event, Posada Latina, in Manitou a bi Bii Daziigae’s Roundhouse Auditorium at the Exchange District Campus.

Dulce Medrano, event organizer for the LIC, was glad to see students came out for the event.

“I was worried nobody would make it,” said Medrano, holding two large bags of balloons. “It’s great to see so many here.” 

Israel Sanchez, president of the LIC, wants to make space at the college for students of all backgrounds to talk and learn from each other.

“When students need a place, we want the LIC community to be there for them. It’s very important for us to share our culture — dancing, music, food, ideas. These experiences are for everyone,” Sanchez said.

Students dance with balloons handed out by event organizers at the Latin Identify Club’s Posada Latina event, held in Manitou a bi Bii Daziigae’s Roundhouse Auditorium at RRC Polytech’s Exchange District Campus on Monday, Dec. 5, 2022. (Nate Flaman)

Students were invited to come dance and eat tamales. Dancers with the best moves took home prizes.

Maria Paz, a Business Administration student and dance competition winner, said her instructor told her about the event.

“I think my whole class is here. We get to dance, hear our language — hear our music,” Paz said.

Over 200 students were added into a group chat to coordinate attendance for the event, however not everyone could make it to the party.

Maria Wong, also a Business Administration student, said that mid-December is a very busy time of year in her program.

“I have two finals. (Posada Latina) is for sure something that would be awesome if it was just during another week,” Wong said.

As long as the LIC can continue to find space to host their events, Medrano said she is confident that they will be able to grow a larger, better-connected community in the future.

“We’re very thankful for the space provided by the college. We’ve gotten lots of support,” said Medrano.

The biggest obstacle in planning the event, said Medrano, was finding tamales that everyone could agree were the best.