By: Anders Giesbrecht

On March 18, 2017, a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old were stabbed at Essence nightclub on McPhillips Street, and on June 25, 2017, another stabbing occurred at Citizen nightclub on Bannatyne Avenue. Some students feel there is a lack of security at nightclubs and bars.

“Boys keep hitting on you. They follow you around and grab you,” said Kannu Priya, 20, RRC Business Administration Student.  “I don’t want to be touched. I’m here to have a good time and dance with my friends.”

What comes to mind when you think of nightclubs and bars? Dancing? Upbeat music? Flashing lights? Socializing? Drinking? But, what about safety? Some nightclubs and bars are trying to improve their security measures to make their venues safer.

The Riverside Inn located at 531 St. Mary’s Rd. includes Limelite Tavern (karaoke bar), The Riverside Bar (sports bar) and Jackpot Lounge (VLT lounge). This entertainment stop is one place that is improving its safety measures.

“We usually have five security guards working a shift. Two downstairs at Limelite, two upstairs watching both the lounge and bar, and one floater,” said Riverside Inn manager, Jayme Andrea. “Even I will float around and act as an extra security guard when I’m not busy.”

The Riverside Inn is also improving its safety on a material level.

Andrea says Limelite uses plastic cups instead of glass in the downstairs area.

“We wanted to get rid of injuries caused by broken glass,” said Andrea.

In addition to the plastic cups, customers can’t travel with glasses around to all the different bars, or they will be escorted back by security.

22-year-old Alexandra Geiger-Wolf believes bars and nightclubs have bigger problems.

“I feel unsafe when I go out to nightclubs or bars and have a couple drinks. These places need to improve on security and keep an eye out on drunk individuals who are harassing people, rather than just taking their money,” said Geiger-Wolf.

“They need to be kicked out.”

At the Riverside Inn, Andrea says they take customer complaints seriously. They keep radios behind every bar, and if someone isn’t cooperating, security will get them out of the bar or call the police.

Our most experienced security guards who have 20-year experience wear earpieces,” said Andrea. “Everyone is able to communicate and react to the situation.”

Only time will tell if these safety measures will change some students’ perspective on nightclub and bar safety.

Adam Niles, 21, man’s his post by the Limelite Tavern entrance, watching and waiting to ID customers and karaoke singers on Nov.3, 2017./ ANDERS GIESBRECHT