Red River Rebels soccer team was left out in the freezing weather conditions over the weekend

By Cassidy Dankochik

The Red River Rebels soccer team is the only Red River team to play outdoors, and they have felt the pain of the elements this season.

That included this weekend where both men’s and women’s teams were put out in snowy, windy, freezing conditions, both playing against the Providence Pilots and ACC Cougars.

The Women’s team launched themselves back into a playoff spot after a 1-1 draw against Providence, and a 4-1 win over ACC.

Women’s head Doug Lawrie said his team was prepared after they had battled in tougher weather against Brandon in Sept.

“These girls are tough. This kind of weather is not going to phase them,” he said after their draw on Saturday.

Doug Lawrie stands in front of his bench on Saturday. Players not on the field bundled up to try and stay warm. /DANKOCHIK

The wind was more of a factor than the cold on Saturday, as the Rebels used it to their advantage in the first half to take a 1-0 lead, but couldn’t hold onto it during the second half without the wind.

Lawrie spoke highly of his team both playing with and against the wind, pointing to strong defending in the second half with the wind in their faces.

“That’s part of being an athlete at this level, the mental toughness that’s required to deal with whatever’s thrown your way,” Lawrie said.

The women’s team are in third place in the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC), with the top four teams making the playoffs.

A Rebels player stands over a corner kick in the first half. The flag was bent over due to the wind. /DANKOCHIK

The men’s team earned a split over the weekend, dropping their Saturday game to the Providence but taking out ACC. They sit in fifth place, only one behind St. Boniface.

The final weekend of the season will see both the men’s and women’s teams battle for a playoff spot. They play at Brandon and will host CMU, with both teams looking to play in the final tournament on Oct. 27-28.