‘We’re just here to have fun’: students’ association

By: Kaitlin Tomcko

On Oct. 14, 2022, Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) hosted their first Karaoke Night of the fall semester. RRCSA hopes to improve future Karaoke Nights to make them more accessible and convenient for students. 

Karaoke Night took place at Red River College Polytechnic’s The Cave Lounge. It serves as a student lounge at RRC Polytech’s Notre Dame Campus, where students often get free entry and discounts on beverages.

In previous years, RRCSA used a karaoke machine with cassette tapes for Karaoke Night. Now, they use a program called KaraFun that has over 40,000 songs to choose from.

Jemma Ignacio, RRCSA’s programming director, said there are still many factors they must figure out to make Karaoke Night a successful event for students.

“We’re still trying to figure out if Fridays are ok, and [if] the time [is] ok since everyone’s schedule is different,” said Ignacio.

RRC Polytech students sing karaoke in The Cave Lounge on Friday, Oct. 14, 2022. This was RRSCA’s first Karaoke Night of the fall semester. (Kaitlin Tomcko)

A first-year RRC Polytech student, Jack Dhillon, went to Karaoke Night and said it was fun and refreshing.

“I couldn’t study anymore, so I let myself take a break, and that’s when I heard singing.”

Dhillon said a bigger attendance would make Karaoke Night more entertaining, and a rotation of different events at RRC Polytech would be good for students. 

“I would tell other RRC students to check it out if [they’re] open to singing,” said Dhillon.

Ignacio said karaoke brings lots of energy, is fun for students, and allows them to connect with each other.

“It’s a no-judgment zone,” said Ignacio. “We’re just here to have fun.”

Ignacio said before the next Karaoke Night, they would consider having a registration form in advance to see how many people want to attend. She is open to hearing feedback to make Karaoke Night better for students.

“Student feedback is important,” said Ignacio. “If students want it, we’ll do it.”

RRC Polytech students can make suggestions for future events by visiting RRCSA’s events page. The page also highlights all events that are happening on and around campus.