Who Run The Winnipeg? Girls.


The past year of my life has been greatly impacted by the women in it. In a world that has lately felt the wrath of bigot, sexist men in the local and world news, I’ve turned to the comfort of strong women who have their act together. While I can admit I depend on my boyfriend for creating stability in the chaos that’s my life, I have become more inspired and more aware of the women who’re leading Winnipeg’s art and culture scene.

My newfound awareness might come from the fact I’m part of the conversation about a woman in the art and music scene.

While I’m adding content in Winnipeg’s scene through active participation, event planning, and writing this column bi-weekly—is my role adding value?

I look to the powerful women doing great things for the scene and for Winnipeg.

The founder of Black Space community advocacy group and Raw Colors on CKUW 95.9 FM, Alexa Potashnik is run by her ethics and unwavering determination to challenge Winnipeggers to do and stand for what’s right—while still boxing and beatboxing on the side.

Chloe Chafe is one of the founders of Synonym Art Consultation, along with Andrew Eastman, but she’s also a youth mentor at Studio 393 and an overall kind human being.

While I can list dozens of other women who are equal in innovation and amazement, it’s also the women who lead, maintain, and develop healthy non-competitive relationships and provide opportunities for other women who also deserve a thumbs up. Although my life has invited the great women I have in my life now, it’s not without meeting the ones who have wanted to compete, compare, and undermine me.

According to the New York Times’ opinion piece Why Women Compete With Each Other, by Emily V. Gordon, women are naturally competitive due to evolutionary psychology, internalized patriarchy, and being self-conscious of each other. While I think this is possibly true, I’m still confident that many women will depend on each other to inspire, learn, and grow. These women, and many others like them, who’re the backbone and behind-the-scenes leaders are the people Winnipeg will and should look to in order to create a vibrant, innovative, and dynamic city.


Joy Balmana is a Public Relations major in Creative Communications. 

Her free time is spent wandering around Winnipeg’s downtown galleries,

other cites across the world, or her kitchen figuring out what to cook next.

See the world her way on Instagram at @byoj or

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