Club Days puts spotlight on campus clubs RRSCA offers

By: Timor Syrota

Red River College Student Association (RRCSA) wants students to get together outside of the classroom and into clubs. 

RRCSA held Club Days in person for the first time in a long time at both campuses to remind students they can bond over more than their classes. 

“We’re trying to get that started up again, get students connected – creating and joining clubs,” said Executive Director of RRCSA Steve Nachtigall.

“All that we do with the Student Association is gather the students together, help promote them, and help them get off the ground,” said Nachtigall.

Students can sign up for interest clubs like Super Smash Club, Beer and Wings Clubs, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Sustainability Club, Book Club, and Movie Club. 

There are also academic clubs like the Bits and Bytes Association, faculty-related clubs like the Nursing Students Associating, and a general all-purpose club called Segue Club. 

President of Segue Club, Lance Neubauer (left) looks for new club members as Ahmed Mahi (right) picks up his goodie bag from Operations Coordinator Selena Anderson./TIMOR SYROTA 

Lance Neubauer is the president of the Segue Club and a part-time Industrial Supervision student. 

Neubauer said Segue is all about creating intercultural community on campus with their three club initiatives: helping students transition into college and Canadian life, a serving component or a volunteer aspect where they find a cause and raise money for it, and a spiritual component where students have spiritual conversations and get to know each other better. 

“We just kind of melt together our cultures and our spiritual experiences and have a conversation,” said Neubauer.

“I’ve met probably 100 different people from different backgrounds, social groups, different languages, different everything, and I don’t know how else I would do that if I didn’t have a club.” 

Neubauer said one of the members he met two years ago is from Vietnam and now they’re business partners at Lance Painting and Refinishing. He will also be helping run Segue Club on campus this year. 

Neubauer said he doesn’t know how many people will join the club this year especially with the current restrictions and vaccine mandates to enter campus, but he is planning a virtual get-together to plan for potential future events. 

The potential of future in-person events caught the interest of Ahmed Mahi, a Business Administration student majoring in marketing.

“I haven’t been in school lately so I thought the clubs would be a great way to connect and get to know some people at the college.”

“I just signed up for three of them, but I also want to look for others online. Right now It’s just Salsa, gaming, and the book club,” said Mahi.

Mahi said being able to go to in-person events and classes to meet people is what the college experience is all about.

“It’s extremely important – I think this is the best way to connect with people right now.”

You can join or create your club anytime by visiting or future Club Days panels.