‘It’s amazing to see new students come out and try yoga:’ instructor

By: Kaitlin Tomcko

In-person yoga classes at Red River College Polytechnic are giving students an opportunity to do something on campus that is free and accessible.

“Moving our bodies helps students’ mental and physical health,” said Chaley Martens, a yoga instructor at RRC Polytech’s Exchange District Campus (EDC) .

Martens said she understands how hectic and stressful a student’s schedule can be.

Being a former RRC Polytech student herself, teaching yoga at the EDC feels special and rewarding, Martens said.

“Being here on campus and teaching yoga is meaningful to me because I have an opportunity to provide a program to students and staff here,” said Martens.

Yoga has been an important part of Marten’s life and loves being able to help students.

Yoga classes are just one of the programs offered through Campus Well-Being which provides programs to support the overall health of students and staff.

RRC Polytech students participating in a yoga class located in P107 on Feb. 9, 2023. The classes are free for all students. (Kaitlin Tomcko)

RRC Polytech student Charlize Suarez said this is her second time doing yoga on campus and will come more often because the times work in her schedule.

Suarez said she likes the convenience and benefits yoga gives her as a student.

“I like doing yoga because it helps me to relax, feel less stressed and it improves my flexibility,” said Suarez.

Suarez said yoga helps her have a clearer mind and stay organized. She said she enjoys yoga at the EDC because being on campus makes it easily accessible.

Martens said she has received feedback from students saying that there should be more times available at the EDC and having yoga during lunch hour would be more convenient.

Martens said yoga classes are geared toward all experience levels and students who have never done yoga are welcome.

“It’s amazing to see new students come out and try yoga,” said Martens.

Her rule as an instructor is to have everyone feel comfortable and create a safe environment for students, added Martens.

Classes are offered at the Notre Dame Campus and the EDC with different dates and times.

The dates for yoga classes and other programs can be found on RRC Polytech’s website.