Guy smiling portrait.jpg_2014On Friday Jan. 24 the flags at Red River College were at half-mast in remembrance of Guy Lussier.

Guy was The Projector advertising director.

I heard he had been in the hospital, but assumed it was nothing serious.

One morning my instructor came into the classroom to ask if I knew if the Guy Lussier whose obituary showed up in the Winnipeg Free Press over the weekend was the same Guy Lussier who worked for the college.

I couldn’t believe that it him was until I got confirmation. Later, reading the obituary for myself, I learned that he had died after a short battle with brain cancer.
We, The Projector staff, didn’t meet Guy in person often. Some of us never met him at all.

But he was always supporting us behind the scenes, making sure we had a clear picture of what ads needed to be in each issue, where they had to go and which pages were in colour.

We sometimes made mistakes but he was always understanding and helpful. And he always replied quickly when we had questions to ensure few mistakes made it to print.

We’re sorry that we didn’t get to work more closely with him or get to know him better.

Guy worked for the Red River College Students’ Association for 20 years. Before that, he was a student here.

Guy didn’t just work on The Projector. He was also involved with the Career Fair, day planner and hallway vendors.

His wife, Wendy, and son, Cory, work at the college now. This year, his other son Tyler worked at the Career Fair. Guy’s daughter Janelle wasn’t far, just down the street from the Exchange District Campus at the University of Winnipeg.

Guy dedicated a lot of his life to this school and this paper. And he will be greatly missed.

Thank you for everything Guy.