Tips and resources for RRC students wanting to pursue physical activity this winter

By: Jenn Walker


Staying active while juggling school-work can be challenging, especially in the winter. Students may find themselves making excuses about how cold it is, and how they simply don’t have the time to exercise. Finding the motivation to exercise can be much more challenging when the temperature outside is -40 C with wind-chill. Red River College (RRC) has fitness facilities at both the Exchange District and Notre Dame campus’, which are accessible to students for free.


Cole Skinner, the Athletics and Recreation Coordinator for RRC believes that physical activity is a crucial part of overall student wellness.


“Whether it’s intramural sports, fitness classes, meditation, or daily exercise, physical activity can provide energy and balance to a student’s day,” said Skinner.


RRC students are encouraged to pursue an active lifestyle, and not let Old Man Winter get the best of them this semester.

Here are some tips to get that heart rate up, even in winter:


  1. Find an activity you enjoy:

    Red River College offers a variety of exercise programs available in winter. / Submitted by RRC Recreation Services.

    RRC Recreation Services offers a wide array of exercise programs and services for students. Bootcamps, Zumba, circuit training, and yoga are all options students can choose from. It’s a great way to try something new, or further your practice in something you are already familiar with. For information on programs and services provided:

  2. Challenge yourself:For the month of February, all RRC students and staff are invited to participate in the Get Movin’ Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to get 7000+ steps in a day, for as many days as you can in February. Joining a group challenge offers peer-support and a bit of friendly competition.To register visit:
  3. Plan ahead:College programs are challenging and require time management skills. The same time management skills practiced for school can be applied to a fitness routine.Come up with a weekly plan that includes blocks of time for exercise. By following a routine, taking the time to exercise will become habit.For tips on time management visit: