Students still giving back to communities, friends, families this year

By Linda Azemi

RRC students are proving that giving back and staying connected doesn’t have to be on the list of holiday activities cancelled or placed on hold.

Ashliegh Dutka, a 25-year-old Dental Assistant program grad, said she has been dropping off lasagna, sugar cookies, and other yummy treats for friends and family outside her household.

“You can find creative ways to make someone smile and give back while still following all the guidelines,” said Dutka.  

Red River College students wanting to give back can donate to charitable organizations such as Winnipeg Harvest./RACHEL YOUNG

Dutka said her family has also mailed out holiday greeting cards to people they would normally visit during the holiday season.

“They have been loving reading them,” said Dutka. 

Cathryn Zambrzycka, a Health Unit Clerk student at RRC, said she has found numerous creative ways to give back. Last month, Zambrzycka volunteered to help decorate Springs Church, but said she is unable to volunteer further due to the new restrictions.

Zambrzycka said she also usually volunteers at Siloam Mission, and various care homes during the holiday season, but COVID-19 restrictions made that impossible.

Instead of volunteering, Zambrzycka said she will now be donating to hampers and looking into the Be a Santa to a Senior program. 

“This has been a scary time for everyone, especially our seniors. Donations on this site help seniors who may not have received any gifts receive a present this holiday,” said Zambrzycka  

RRC students can do their part this holiday season by donating to Be a Santa to Senior, volunteering with the Feed-a-Family program through Christmas Cheer Board, or helping with Main Street Project’s 2020 Holiday Season Gift Drive