Watch out, Food Network Canada. Red River College has its very own top chef.

The Canadian Culinary Federation named Tim Appleton, a culinary arts instructor at RRC, Provincial Chef of the Year.

“It’s pretty humbling,” said Appleton. “It’s your colleagues and your peers putting it out there and looking at you in this manner. It means a lot.”

The Canadian Culinary Federation’s mission is to unite chefs and cooks across Canada in a dedication to professional excellence, and Appleton clearly fits the bill.

“This all happened through networking,” said Appleton. “This is how a career grows. Food is a gift we have, and so many people go without. If we can utilize that gift to give a bigger gift, it’s a no brainer.”

A committee of members within the Canadian Culinary Federation vote on Chef of the Year, Appleton said. The winner of the award should demonstrate commitment to their local branch of the Canadian Cu-linary Federation and to the local community.

“I’ve always tried to be very involved in community,” said Appleton. “When Hurricane Katrina came about, Dave Bergmann from Bergmann’s on Lombard gave me a call and said, ‘hey, can we do some-thing?’ So we pulled together and raised funds. We’ve done the same thing for the Children’s Hospital, and Siloam Mission. Whatever we can do, we definitely try.”

Appleton added he is currently working on a black tie event with an organization called Share Our Strength, who they’ve already raised over $1 million for over the years.

But it’s not just the Canadian Culinary Federation who has noted Appleton’s good work. He leaves a lasting impression with some of the most important people: his students.

“I liked how he explained things simply and professionally. I could easily understand and use what he wanted us to learn,” said Joonwoo Song, a former student of Appleton’s and 2014 RRCgrad.

“He is a great advisor who taught me how to become a great chef for the future. I’m proud to say he taught me.”