Blue with envy



As a kid, my favourite colour was green. I blame my parents. My brother, Mack, would get blue clothing, and I would always get green. I hated it. Why couldn’t I get pink or purple like the other girls? But with time, I grew to love it, and now I thank my parents for having the sense to dress me in whatever was on sale.

My little rebel self fully embraced the green life. My favourite animals were alligators and iguanas. Yeah, I knew how to spell iguanas too. I even wrote a short story about them in grade two. Get at me if you want to hear it.

Okay, back to green. Because I loved green and my dad loved football, I chose to cheer for only green teams. My green obsession worked out well because my dad was a Seattle Sea- hawks fan, and Donovan McNabb was huge into those Campbell’s Chunky soup commercials at the time. So in the NFL, my teams are the Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles.

And since I had it down to a science, when it came to the CFL, it was always the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Are you embarrassed to know me yet? Yes, for years and years I’ve hidden the fact that I was a Riders fan. It has always felt super sacrilegious to be a Riders fan in Winnipeg. C’mon dad, I blame you.

I’m not a bandwagon fan, but not even I can deny the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have found some magic. I assume it’s magic because past per- formance would suggest only the most powerful wizardry could be the cause of this turnaround.

Okay, maybe I am a bandwagon fan right now. But I live here, so it’s okay, right? Bomber fans, consider your- selves one fan stronger. Darian Durant? Who’s that? I know only one name, and it’s Matt Nichols. Sign me up for any fan pages. Seriously, is there a fan club? The Bombers are playing some of the best football I’ve seen in years. And with the way the Riders season has gone, I’ve been wearing a lot more blue than green lately.


Hailey is a self-proclaimed champion heavyweight boxer.

Coming in at 5’1”, she has the reach of a 12-year-old boy and an opinion that won’t quit.

Having never been in a fight, she remains undefeated.

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